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If there is one piece of jewellery that looks endearing, doesn’t hurt the economy (when you purchase and stack it) and doesn’t look too much when you don it, then it has to be a gemstone on a ring. Gemstones are precious mineral crystals that have a history of billions of years carved on their aesthetics. In astrology, Gemstones are said to hold a reserve of energies, which entwine with the four elements in astrology - Water, Fire, Air, Earth - apart from many other astrological aspects. 

The best thing about gemstones is the fact that you don’t need a reason to wear them. A Gemstone can be worn by most people and doesn't do any harm. However, exceptions are always present and thus you must always take the advice of astrologers on which, and when to wear a Gemstone. To be specific about it, gemstones can be divided into categories based on planets, ascendant sign, and area of life. 

To elaborate, each zodiac sign is ruled by a planet. For example if your zodiac sign is Taurus, you are ruled by the Venus sign. Based on this, in astrology, there is a specific gemstone for the Venus zodiac sign. And also, there would be a gemstone that the Venus born should never wear. If you wear a gemstone that represents Venus, it will further strengthen the influence of the planet in your life. Talking about strength, your life is the result of the influence of all the planets in astrology. Each planet in astrology influences a certain period of your life. Simlairy, planets also camp different houses in your kundli.

If a planet is positively camped in your kundli, you will see an abundance of luck favouring you and you achieving prosperity in life. However, if any planet is maflice in your chart, it coils bring with it all sorts of misery and pain in your life. Thus this is when astrologers mostly recommend either to wear a gemstone representing the malefic planet or stay away from it. Doing so helps in ensuring that you are able to counter the harmful effects of the planet or at least lessen them so that they don’t hurt you in any possible way. 

Moreover, gemstones are also recommended based on your one’s ascendant. For the ones who don’t know what an ascendant is, it’s simply the zodiac sign in the first house of your kundli at the time. In Astrology, each one of the 12 Ascendant Signs is ruled by a specific planet. All the Ascendant Signs have their own set of distinct characteristics and these are because of the different natures of their ruling planets. 

Further, gemstones are also recommended based on the area of life. For example, if you are facing issues in terms of your finances, then there are specific gemstones for that reason. Similarly if facing issues in terms of relationship, the astrologers would recommend gemstones that can better your partnership with your spouse. 

Also, only knowing what gemstone to wear is not enough. When it comes to wearing a gemstone, firstly you need to find the accurate metal to embed it in because simply can’t embed it in any metal you like as it could lead to harming you. If you ever ask our astrologers, they will tell you how all gemstones are either high or low on energy. To balance the power of this energy, it is recommended that they are worn with specific metal. For example when it comes to wearing a pearl it is said that the best metal to wear pearls with is silver. Wearing a pearl with Gold is also fine but silver can better balance the pearl. 

Similarly, some gemstones need to be dipped in either water or honey before wearing them to charge them so they can work for you. Talking about charge, you also can’t go on wearing gemstones for 108 years and expect it to work. Our astrologers would tell you how, like everything else, gemstones lose their aura after a particular point of time. However, only astrologers can detail about that time. 

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