Navgrha Mantra: Divine Way of Loving Life

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Mantra chanting is most effective when this is done according to the planetary configuration present in the horoscope, with different yoga, certain set of mantras are recommneded after the thorogh analysis is done. The Navagraha Mantra Healing Sound Tracks are suggested according to different planetary position involving Lagna, Rashi, Mahadasha, yoga, Karak Graha, Nakshatra, Yoga of horoscope, planetary configuration, high and low strengths planetary position and analyzing many other permutation & combination seen in horoscope.

Navagraha Mantra Sound Tracks Suggestion Process:

Pt. Vijay Rawal will analyze your horoscope and accordingly will suggest you the navgraha healing sound tracks.

How to get Navgraha Healing Mantra Sound Track.

a) Inform your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth.

b) Your wishes to which you want these Healing Sound Tracks.

c) Also inform number of sound tracks, two are good for enough results.

How to use Navgraha Healing mantra sound track.

Tracks are to be used with the help of head phones for better results, daily morning and evening.

Price: Rs. 200/- Each Sound Track (with one year validity).