Subconscious Healing Sound

Highly effective remedy

"Influencing your mind even if you are unaware of it". It is a threshold of your conscious perception. This is a kind of music which directly triggers your subconscious mind, without letting your coscience know, so manifestation becomes easier without any hurdles. If you are not reaching your goal, through different modalities, manifestation methods(LOA), the subliminal message hits at the right spot in your brain and it creates certain vibrations of manifestations, unblocking your brain senses and nerves.

These frequencies are brain waves of different level, and includes music which are calming to the mind and can be heard before or during sleep, meditation or calm mind. Refrain using them while driving or doing some work.Subliminals are a combination of binural tones, isotonic music(carrying alpha, beta, delta, theta healing) involving the contraction of muscles where tension is constant and length changes. The subliminal messages might include mantras, shamanic drumming, Reiki, trance hypnotherapy, affirmations/manifestations and will not be audible to the customer, as conscious mind creates blockages. Available for all health issues, twin flame healing, relationship healing, wealth/finance/property healing, career etc. These subliminals will be privately made on demand and may include name/names, customers angelic missing number(we will find this out) and wave frequency based on health issues. Subliminals doesn't mean you miss out your doctor or medicine prescription. It works best when you follow physical aspects along with spiritual healing. This is also powerful for those who cant afford a healer, but believe in LOA.