Sarv Badha Nashak ( Nazar Raksha Potli )

सर्व बाधा नाशक ( नज़र रक्षा यंत्र )

What is Raksha Potli? This bag contains all the essential elements needed to avoid our home's negative energies. Purposely, this is certified by the divine mantras. It protects our home for a whole year from negative energies, to be specific; it can only be used once a year. Also, if there is already negative energy, it will eradicate that energy as well. How it can be used? On the occasion of Deepawali Pooja, you are required to keep this Potli on the place of Pooja and perform the traditional Diwali Pooja. Further, you have to hang this Potli on the main gate of your home, office, factory etc. Also, If you have more than one gate then you should hang in each gate.

Price: 751.00