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Puja is an important, necessary and renowned ritual that used to be recommended by the Yogis to the Kings and Queens of ancient India, and as of today, is recommended by the learned astrologers to individuals across all walks of life. Puja is simply a form of worshipping God (sometimes in the form of planets) that makes our life better. Pujas, if performed precisely and on a regular basis, can be so powerful that they are to leave a positive impact on an individual’s life while allowing them an abundance of luck and prosperity. Thus, this is where online puja consultancy and AstroTalk’s excellence in online puja services comes into play. 

If we talk about our experience and the people we interact with on a regular basis, our clients usually seek the online puja services of AstroTalk’ to correct and better their astronomical charts. With correct we don’t mean theoretically correct, but simply calm the negative influence of malefic planets. To explain to you better, all the planets in astrology have a well-defined path that they tread on. As they are on this path, they interact with other planets and also different zodiac signs. For each planet in astrology, some zodiac signs are their friends, while on the other hand, some zodiac signs are a foe. 

A good example to explain this to you is that when it comes to the planet Sun - Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are said to be Sun’s friends. On the other hand, Venus and Saturn are usually quoted as enemies to the Sun. In a similar fashion, some zodiac signs are a friend of the planet Sun while others, enemies. 

Moreover, all the nine planets in astrology - Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu - occupy one or the other house in your natal chart. And each house in your natal chart represents a different aspect of life. For example, the 1st house in astrology is the house of self. It influences your physical aspects like looks, beauty and so on. If a positive planet, like Sun, is camping the first house of your Kundli, then you might see growth in your physical aspects. Meanwhile, if a negative planet, like Rahu or Ketu, is camping the first house, then you might be prone to negativity in terms of your physical posture. And seriously, living in a world that is so obsessed with external beauty (sad but true), can you afford that, especially when you don’t have to?

To be logical, we can’t surely change the position of the planets for obvious reasons, however, we can lessen the impact of the negativeness that certain conjunction or transit could bring into our life using online puja. And by reducing such harmful influences of these planets in your lives, you can safeguard yourself from many problems that not only affect you but your family and loved ones. 

At AstroTalk, we, over the years, have arranged a number of pooja for our clients. All these pujas are performed by learned pandits with Vedic rituals including, Vedic hymns, mantras, and invocations. Moreover, sacred materials like flowers, dhoop, diya, etc, as mentioned in sacred Vedic books, are used and offered to God so you enjoy the maximum benefit always. 

Online Pooja Consultancy 

First of all, it is not necessary that one would be aware specifically of what pooja can help them counter so and so problems. Thus, this is where AstroTalk's online pooja consultancy comes into play. You can connect with the learned pandits of AstroTalk and share your problems with them, and after a detailed analysis of your chart, they shall recommend you the remedy, which doesn’t have to be a pooja always, but if it is, then our astrologers would let you know. 

Once you know what puja needs to be done, you shall connect with us and we will arrange all that you need for a successful puja. The online puja we conduct for you is as similar as the physical one and would follow all traditions and aspects of the same. Here is a list of some of the most popular pujas you can avail from the AstroTalk:

Rahu Shanti Puja 

Even in the example above, we have mentioned how the presence of Rahu in a specific house of your Kundli can impact the aspects of the same. For example, if Rahu is present in the second house of your Kundli, that is the house of  finances, it can harm your financial security. Also, Rahu in astrology is said to bring separations in family and lots of unwanted problems if it's wrongly placed. 

Thus, to ensure the Rahu graha turns out favourable for you, thus performing the powerful Rahu Shanti puja or Rahu Shanti Jaap with devotion can help you waver enenimes, health issues and more.

Mangal Shanti Puja 

After Rahu, the ill placement of Mangal, aka Mars, brings its own set of problems for the native. If the planet Mars is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of your kundli, this causes Mangal dosh. Mangal dosh can bring with itself a vivid set of problems. Also, being Mangalik too is associated with the planet Mars. Thus keeping the planet Mars pleased becomes very necessary. 

Mangal Graha Shanti Jaap is what our astrologers recommend to keep the Mangal in your kundli satisfied. The Mangal Shanti online puja is performed at a nearby temple and the videos and prasad is sent to you. This puja brings material and spiritual development for the native and his family by removing the malefic effects of the planet Mars. 

Satyanaryan Katha 

Satyanarayana You must all have heard of Satyanarayana katha. Satyanarayana katha or Satyanarayana puja is yet another popular vedic and traditional remedy for you if you seek peace in life. Satyanarayan puja is done to please Lord Vishnu. The blessings of Lord Vishnu in the natives life can bring them an abundance of good luck, propensity, wealth and happiness. It is recommended that Satyanarayana puja must be done once in a six month period for the best results. 

Also, you can consider organising a Satyanarayana katha during special occasions like childbirth, birthday events, relationships, house warming (Greh Pravesh) or on any glad events. The Pooja shields you from directing wickedness and instructs us to be on the unique path of goodness and prosperity. 

Shani Puja 

People think Saturn is a negative planet in astrology. However, if you ask our astrologers, they would tell you how Saturn is a mere teacher, but a strict teacher to be exact. The planet Saturn in astrology is a supporter of jobs and services, metals, industries, age, poverty, hardships, diseases, all kinds of obstacles and selfishness. Shani, as a planet, is here to judge you based on your karma and only then it decides how to affect your life. 

So simply say, a person having weak Shani in their kundli will have to struggle a lot in terms of the aforementioned aspects. Thus those who are already facing the wrath of Lord Shani can seek Shani Shanti puja. This puja is a powerful remedy for those suffering from evil eye or black magic. The Shani Shanti puja not only strengthens Saturn in your kundli but also takes you a step further towards Rajyoga. 

Vashikaran Puja 

Vashikarna puja in astrology is renowned for its benefits in enhancing the relationship you share with your loved ones, especially your partner. There are times when we find that in a relationship, one feels detached from the other. It is either due to the unpleasantness of the planet Venus in your chart or the lessening of energies. Whatever may be the reason, Vahsikarna puja is here to help the natives to realign their matrimonial affair. 

Vashikaran Puja is an act to increase the power of your concentration. The puja seeks to control your mind waves and thus rebalance the energy between two people. Vashikaran puja is also referred to as ‘hypnosis’ or ‘sammohan’ through which your die hearted wish of enriching a special connection with another person or material objects is fulfilled.

Graha Shanti Puja

Grahas in astrology simply means planets. Graha Shanti puja is to ensure the malefic planets, that can impact your life negatively when they enter a specific house or transit in a specific zodiac sign, don't impact you negatively. Graha shanti puja becomes significantly important for the native if any planet in astrology is affecting their health, wealth or relationship with their loved ones. 

Kaal Sarp Dosha Pooja

Kaal in vedic terms stands for death and Sarp means snake. It is believed that the native who is born in the Kaal Sarp Yog faces so many hurdles in their life. Astrologically, when the planets, alternative to the outer planets, are beneath the nodal influence of Rahu and Ketu, this conjunction is treated as “Sarpa Dosha” or “Kaal Sarpa Dosha”. 

The influence of such dreaded planets in one’s kundli can overwhelm the native with problems. So the best solution? Kaal Sarp Pooja. By performing the kaal sarp dosh shanti puja, the ill effects of kaal are reduced and fruitful results are obtained along with you procuring the blessings of ancestors. 

Black Magic or evil eye removal pooja

Black Magic has no specific planetary explanation. If you try to guess, black magic can simply be the result of someone's envy towards you or simply due to some people indulging in tantrism with the motive of wreaking havoc in your life. Black magic can topple your success, financial stability and even cause relationship problems.   

Meanwhile, a Black Magic Removal Puja is primarily a protective puja wherein a protective shield is formed around the affected person, which at bay all kinds of black magic/spirits/evil eyes and execute their malicious intense at all the levels i.e. Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

Ketu Graha Puja

Just like Rahu, Ketu too is one of the most dreaded planets in astrology. Our astrologers tell us that a malefic Ketu makes the person suffer from ill effects like theft, loss of property, absent-mindedness, and putra dosh. Thus watching out on Ketu graha and its position in your kundli is very crucial. And in case its position is not favourable, Ketu Graha Shanti puja shall help you. Performed for Ketu/Sarpa Dosha Nivaran, the Ketu Graha Shanti puja shall bring peace and tranquillity to your space.  

So these were some of the numerous poojas AstroTalk can arrange for you. To avail any of these, or simply acquire any sort of information, you can call us on +91-9606047081 and you would be guided well. 

Online Puja FAQs

All You Need to Know About Online Puja

How is online puja performed?

Once you have booked the puja through  this +91-9606047081 number, you will be contacted by our best astrologers who would ask you for some details like your name, Date of Birth, etc. all to find a Shubh muhurat to start the puja. Once the shubh muhurat is calculated by the astrologer, we will inform you and will start the puja by taking sankalp with your name. Once the puja is completed, you will get the videos of the same. And also, the prasad (if included), which will be delivered to your address as a parcel.

Do I need to be physically present for online puja?

No, online puja doesn’t require your physical presence. The puja is done in your name and thus has a similar effect as you would have gotten if you were present physically. It’s simply like how pandits perform puja for celebs usually when they are admitted to the hospitals. 

What details do one need to perform puja? 

Personal information like your Full Name, Gotra, current city of residence including state, country, time of birth, statement of Purpose, etc are needed to perform the puja. 

Can I access the live streaming of the puja? 

If the pandit who would dedicatedly be performing the puja for you can arrange the equipment necessary for live streaming or simply you have a relative nearby who can arrange those, then you can surely access the live stream of the puja. 

Is performing a Puja a better remedy than wearing Gemstone, Yantra, or Rudraksha?

Well, to be very honest, all different types of astrological remedies have their own significance. For example, a Gemstone is said to be a combination of various elements that makes this world. Thus wearing a gemstone attracts the positive energies of these elements and thus better your life. Meanwhile, an online puja is to please the Gods. Simply said, an astrologer can tell you what remedy suits you at a particular point of time. 

From where can I book an online puja? 

If you wish to book an online puja, call on this number, +91-9606047081.

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