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One positive step can bring a big change in your life and perspective. Get Puja Consultation and we will connect you with one of our experienced panditji on 10 mins chat or call. You can share your concern in detail and he will recommend you best possible remedy through Puja. 

Why book a Puja from Astrotalk?

  • We provide qualified, knowledgeable and experienced pandit ji
  • We take care of all vedic sciences and rituals for the poojan
  • We cater the poojan as per standard vedic customary rituals
  • We offer Professional advice and help

Significance of Puja

Honouring is a sign of divine love. That honouring is called Pooja. The ceremony of Pooja indicates what nature is already doing for you. The Divine worships you in so many forms. In Pooja you offer everything back to the Divine. Flowers offered in Pooja because the flower is a symbol of love. The Divine has come to you in love through so many forms: mother, father, wife, husband, children, friends. The same love comes to you in the form of the Master to elevate you to the level of divine love, which is also your own nature. Recognizing this flowering of love from all sides of life, we offer flowers. Fruits are offered because the Divine offers fruits in the season. You offer grain because nature provides you food. Candlelight and a cool camphor light are offered; in the Pooja, and it is performed with deep feeling. Through Pooja, we say to God, "Oh whatever you give to me, I give back to you". Pooja is honor and gratefulness.