Sunderkand is the recitation of "Hanuman Chalisa"  that promotes the powers of God "Hanumanji". It is one of the seven Kands (sections) that constitute the epic Ramayana and it is believed that reciting it on a regular basis helps you to get rid of negative energies, evils, obstacles and bestows your life with happiness and prosperity. Sunderkand highlights how Hanumanji went to Lanka to find Sita Maa, despite facing obstacles in his journey.  In Sunderkand Lord says,  Nirmal Man Jan So Mohe Pava, Mohe Kapat Chhal Chandra Na Bhava which means like himself the lord likes those devotees who have a pure mind and noble thoughts. Reciting Sunderkand does not only offer mental peace but also gives one the strength and determination to carry out their tasks. It can help you get rid of all your problems, grant your wishes and protect you from the malefic effects of unfavourable planetary positions. Want to get rid of hurdles in life Book Online Pandit for this Hindu Puja from the Best Online Puja Booking Service.

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