Dhanteras Puja ( Kuber )

धनतेरस पूजा (कुबेर)

Dhanteras is a very popular Puja performed in a lot of households one or two days before the main Diwali celebrations. It also marks the beginning of a five day long Diwali festival. Kuber is the God of fortune, prosperity and wealth. On the occasion of Dhanteras, Kuber pooja is performed with the intention of gaining legitimate wealth and richness. Those who are involved in Businesses and seek growth or the people any facing financial issues or crisis must perform this Puja to attain prosperity, wealth and happiness. The other name of Dhanteras is Laxmi Puja. Goddess Lakshmi, the source of all wealth and prosperity is invited on Dhanteras with an elaborate puja. In some houses, small footsteps are drawn in vermilion in a row from the entrance to the puja room indicating that the goddess walks inside the household to bless the pooja and fill the home with prosperity and auspiciousness. In the evening of Dhanteras, earthen lamps are lit at the entrance and the entire household in order to dispel the evil spirits and also get the blessings of Lord Yama. Business people celebrate Dhanteras with puja to Lakshmi and Kuber, the god of wealth. People buy gold, silver and copperware on the day of Dhanteras as a mark of bringing good luck and prosperity to their household. Cows are also worshiped on this day in many regions in India.
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