Mahamrityunjay Mantra- 125000 Mantro Ka Jap

महामृत्युंजय जाप

Mahamrityunjay mantra also known as Rudra Mantra which literally means “ Great Death-Conquering Mantra”. It is known for the benefits of mental, emotional and physical health and to be a Moksha Mantra which confers to immortality.
The mantra is addressed to Lord Shiva for providing protection from an inopportune death. It is likewise recited while sullying Vibhuti over different pieces of the Body and used in Japa or Homa (havan) to get wanted outcomes. While its vitality ensures and controls the mantra and re-joins cognizance to its more profound and all the more standing nature and repetition of the mantra comprises Japa, the act of which creates a focus that prompts a change of mindfulness. While the Gayatri Mantra is intended for cleansing and otherworldly direction, the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is intended for recuperating revival and nurturance.

Mahamrityunjay Jaap is for a long life purpose. One who has health issues or accident issues in one's horoscope should do this Puja.

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Price: 45,000.00