Mangal Dosha Puja

मंगल दोष पूजा

Mangal or Planet Mars is the Karaka of strength, power, violence, rush, fire, and anger. Also, it is the significator of Bhumi (native place) and brotherhood. Similar to the other celestial bodies, Mars has momentous importance in our horoscope. You are drawn into the star-affected universe, and they change their circumstances to acquire you to different positive or negative life experiences. Mangal Dosha occurs in a native’s Horoscope when the planet is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 8th house. According to the Best Astrologers, Mangal Dosha delays marriage, also, it is termed the killer of marriage. However, Mangal Dosha varies from high to low person to person. Therefore, a Manglik native ought to connect with an expert Astrologer for detailed Horoscope analysis before going for any remedy. Under the guidance of expert Astrologers, Mangal Dosha Puja can help a person get rid of all the negative effects of Mars. This puja proves to be supremely effective in removing all of the negative effects. In addition, it bestows the native with a happy marriage eradicating the cruel impact of the strong and red planet Mars.

Price: 6,100.00