Shani Sade Sati Puja-95000 Mantra Jap

शनि साढ़ेसाती पूजा

As indicated by Astrology, Sun child Shanidev is viewed as the giver of karma, whatever deeds a man does, Shani Dev gets him to pay for it. Shanidev is viewed as the divine force of equity. Shani Dev consistently gives great outcomes to his followers on carrying out beneficial things, while he likewise teaches the individuals who foul-up. At the hour of seven and a half years old Shani Dev begins giving the fruits of his deeds to the local. We are giving you the solutions for diminishing the anger of Saturn's 50 years, through these measures you can please Shani Dev. So that there is no issue because of the breakout of 50 years

Price: 15,000.00