Shani/Saturn Dhaiya Puja

शनि ढैया पूजा

Shani/Saturn Dhaiya Puja is done for the Shani Dosh Nivaran. If someones Shani is affecting them badly they should do this Pooja. In Hindu mythology, Saturn (Shani) is considered as a Son of the God Sun and his significant other mother Chhaya (shadow). The period of Dhaiya happen when this planet is set fourth and eighth from natal moon. On the off chance that an individual does petition earnestly, Shani Devata will offer his blessing son him and would reduce the antagonistic impact of this transit. Saturn is the planet of equity, it apportions equity to all the individuals, as indicated by their Karma. The equity might arrive late, yet it is constantly conveyed.

Price: 9,000.00