Pendulum Dowsing( पेंडुलम डाउजिंग)

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing is a relatively newer technique, which gives clear answers to complicated and difficult questions. It provides the kind of answers that are often hard to come by because the questions can become too complex if we give them much thought. The Pendulum is the tool which gives us reliable advice when we come to crossroads, by revealing possibilities, and with this clarity, we can make better choices. Pendulum dowsing is an art of divination used for gaining information that is yet to be revealed. A dowsing pendulum is typically like a rock or crystal that hangs on the end of a string or chain. A pendulum works similarly to an antenna. It absorbs the energy vides surrounding you, whether they’re coming from people, places or some spiritual objects. Pendulum dowsing is an incredibly effective way to tap into and develop your intuition. However, you need to learn a lot to get things clearer regarding dowsing and how it is done. Moreover, it connects with a person’s unconscious mind and helps in gaining or recalling certain events that you might have gone through in the past.