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What is Reiki Healing

Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing therapy known for its chakras stimulating energy. Reiki energy healing is based on the notion that all of us, in our body, have some form of energy fields, which keep us active, motivated and spirited. These life force energies, when stimulated in the right way, empowers us, distress us and helps in focusing on things that truly matter. The infusion of the correct form of energy within us is said to nourish the organs and cells of the body and support their vital functions. The sheer motive of Reiki healing is to promote good health and life balance and is performed by skilled and learned Reiki practitioners. Reiki healing is a 20th-century alternative health approach, which has influenced millions of people's lives and continues to do so even as we embrace the modernities of the world. 

At AstroTalk, we, as your well-wisher, help you find solace by introducing you to the hows and wows of Reiki healing. Through Reiki healing techniques and numerous other healing techniques, we help you realign your energy across various domains including, love, relationship, health, career, property and many more. 

For anyone wondering how Reiki healing works, it is simply based on a set of principles just like any other spiritual practice. For example, when you feel angry about something, let’s say someone else’s behaviour towards you, while you might think that anger is the consequence of their foul act, but a Reiki healer would help you understand how anger is simply an inside act. We often feel angry about an act of our loved ones, for they are the closest to us and thus influence our behaviour. However, we also do realise that getting angry at them can simply harm the relationship we share with them. Reiki healing, however, aims to help you release these negative anger issues. It encourages you to recognise any situation and control your response towards it. Doing this not only helps you make better life decisions but also strengthens your mental prospects to help you ignore what really doesn’t serve a purpose in your life. 

In today’s world, people continue to worry about things that are yet to happen (or may never happen). In simplest words, we have a tendency to worry about what would happen to us in the future when all we should focus on is the present. Such thinking of the unpredictable future, our reiki healing practitioners tells us, only stimulates negative thoughts and lowers your productivity. Such thoughts stress you out, and the consequence of the same is one’s failure at dealing with what is already on the plate. Meanwhile, if you ever meet a Reiki healing expert with such thoughts, they will promote life force flows within the physical body through pathways called chakras, so you are able to let go of the negative thoughts. And once you are free of such thoughts, you can really be your productive best.  

Similarly, Reiki healing can distress you so that you have better ideas to implement for financial prosperity. It can realign your chakras, which is very useful at the time of the birth of the child and much more. 

What happens during a Reiki session? 

For facts, Reiki Healing doesn’t cure one’s body of illness of any kind, but it empowers you to fight these illnesses. There are many studies that have proven how being a part of a Reiki healing session can counter fatigue, anxiety, depression and everything else that directly or has an impact on various aspects like love, health, work, etc. 

So if thinking of enriching the wonders of Reiki healing as a beginner, you might want to learn what it’s all about and especially what happens during a Reiki healing session. 

A Reiki healing session usually lasts for 20-90 minutes. Firstly, as you approach us, we arrange a conversation between you and the Reiki healing expert so you can explain to them what you seek from the session. For the unaware, the healing experts we have onboard can help you with various aspects like health, career, legal matters and more.  

As the Reiki healing session begins, the practitioner will ask you to lay down on the table. Reiki may and may not involve touch for it usually depends on the ability of the practitioner on how they can stimulate your wits. However, it is a known practice for the practitioner to involve gemstones in the process. Reiki healing crystals are placed around your body as they attract positive energy (that is why you wear gemstones as a ring) and complement healing. 

Though it’s not necessary, but you can always talk to the practitioner and tell them what you are feeling at the present moment, as it helps them understand what to do next. You can tell them about the sensations that you might be feeling in the body. As the session proceeds, you will feel lighter. You will realise the stiffness in your body is gone, and your energies will align. You will feel the strength and would be rejuvenated enough to fight negatives of any sort. And as you loosen up, you will have better ideas to work on post the reiki session. 

Benefits of Reiki Healing

If we have to specifically define the benefits of Reiki healing then there are numerous that would only inspire you to become a part of the session.  

Reiki Healing Helps You Fight Pain, Fatigue & Anxiety - A study concluded in 2015 found that the people dealing with cancer, if they receive Reiki care alongside regular medical care, show better signs of improvement in health than the ones who received mere medical care. Though Reiki crystal healing showed less impact on one’s blood pressure and pulse rate improvement, it did reduce anxiety to an extent. Also, there was a betterment in the breathing rate in women 1-2 days after having a cesarean delivery. This all directly impacts one’s health and thus their way of doing different things. 

Reiki Aids Good Sleep & Counters Depression - There is a direct contact between depression and sleep. When you don’t sleep well, you feel tired. As you feel tired, you are not able to finish the task at hand. As you are not able to finish the task at hand, you feel demotivated. And demotivation pushes you towards depression. Thus, to fight depression, it is not only a sleeping schedule that you must focus on, but also you should track how you sleep. If you have a habit of getting up during sleep, chances are you are worried about something. Reiki aids better sleep by di-cluttering the negative thoughts. That's the only reason why many people fall asleep during a reiki session. 

Reiki Helps In Accelerating The Body’s Self Healing Capabilities - Reiki self-healing properties balance your internal body levels and bring them to a state of near-natural. This simply means that your heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure will instantly improve and you will find yourself more balanced than ever before. 

Reiki Helps In Improving Your Relationship -  Relationship is all about understanding. And if your understating is plagued by constant depression, stress, and more, you would never be able to excel in your relationship and might not also understand the needs of your partner. We often meet people facing issues in their relationship due to their inability to understand the other person. We recommend such couples to indulge in a reiki healing session together

Reiki & Physical Healing - As we have mentioned before, Reiki healing can’t cure any kind of disease or illness. However, it can counter depression, anxiety, stress and more. These are some of the common problems that humans suffer from today, and these problems play a role in giving birth to health problems. Moreover, as we have mentioned, reiki healing can’t cure illnesses like Cancer or diabetes, but it can stimulate the energies in your body so that you become mentally stronger and don't fuel these illnesses any further. 

Seven Chakra Healing aka Angel Healing - For the ones unaware, there are as many as seven chakras in the human body. These seven chakras are - Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra. All these Chakras need to be balanced, and by balanced we mean neither block nor overactive. Reiki healing simply ensures the balance is achieved by infusing or sucking the energies in and from you using crystals. 

Are you looking for Reiki healing near me? AstroTalk provides you with the best Reiki healing treatment by experts. These were some of the most renowned benefits of reiki healing. Now, to know more about reiki healing or how much a reiki healing session costs, you can check out the FAQs on Reiki healing, where we have answered some of the most asked questions about reiki healing. 

Reiki Healing FAQs

How much does a reiki healing session cost?

A Reiki healing session could cost you somewhere around Rs 2,000 - Rs 10,000. It really depends on many factors like the expertise of the practitioner, how long the session is, what is the session for, and so on. 

Are there any side effects of reiki healing? 

Reiki doesn’t intend to replace any doctor-approved treatment. It is simply about you lying in a room where the reiki practitioner tries to deepen your energies. Reiki is non-invasive and thought to be very safe for any individual. 

What should I wear during a reiki session? 

For best results, we suggest you wear light and lose clothes during a reiki session. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen and silk are suggested by the reiki healing experts. Meanwhile, any kind of jewellery or shoes or phones must be left behind before a reiki healing session.  

Is there anything I can do after the reiki healing session? 

Well, you should drink plenty of water after the reiki healing session. Some people feel calm, peaceful, or energized by doing so. You can also sit quietly with your eyes closed for a while. 

How to find a reiki practitioner?

You can find the reiki practitioner through AstroTalk. For the same, all you need to do is call us on +91 960 604 7081. You can also get in touch with our customer support.

What reiki practitioner can help me with? 

A Reiki practitioner can help you de-stress you. S/he can also help you with relationship problems. Moreover, a new mother can avail services from a reiki healing practitioner to fight post-pregnancy fatigue. Experts have a solution regarding property issues, career issues and so on. Reiki healing simply realigns the cosmic energies in all of us so that we have the power to deal with all the problems in life. 

Is reiki healing good for pregnant women?

Since Reiki is guided by the Higher Power, the Reiki energy will know the condition of the client or student and adjust appropriately. Reiki can only do good. Many pregnant women have received treatments with great benefit to them and their unborn child.

Can babies get reiki? 

Yes. babies can savour the benefits of Reiki healing. In fact, babies just love Reiki as it is very healthy for them. 

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