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In astrology, Rudraksha is believed to be the teardrop of Lord Shiva and is one of the most pious belongings for any Shiva devotee to keep. However, in the materialistic world, Rudraksha finds its origin from a tree known by the same name among the people. The beads of Rudrashaka, which found a mention in Shiva Purana, and as astrologers tell us, entail both medicinal and magical properties. If you break the word Rudraksha, here Rudra stands for Shiva, and aksha stands for eyes.

Across India, we have an abundance of devotees of Lord Shiva who worship the divine in many ways, with one among them being praying and chanting using Rudraksha mala. It is believed that a Rudrashka mala not only helps you receive the blessing of Lord Shiva but also can purify one’s vicinity and protect us from evil nazar.

We as humans most often find ourselves surrounded with problems such as stress, insomnia, financial problems, depression, etc. And only if you decide to pause your life for a bit and try to find the reasons behind these problems, the answer would be the imbalance between the body, mind and soul. This imbalance not only stops us from being our productive best but also inundates us with health problems such as hypertension, heart issues, blood pressure problems and many more. 

The solution? Well, it's in simply ensuring that the energies in your body are rightly aligned. And Rudraksha mala or simply Rudraksha beads can help you find that aliment. If you buy rudraksha online and wear it as an astrologer tells you to, you will witness an enhancement in your mindfulness and will also observe a surge in energies within you. This will not only help you in fighting medical ailments but also any other odds in life.

As per Shiva Purana, the Rudrakshas are the result of the teardrops of Lord Shiva and have great healing and scientific properties. However, people being their pious self see a rudraksha as a religious possession, just like gemstones. However, both gemstones and rudraksha are better not to be related only to religion but should be seen as a storehouse of energies that influences our life. While gemstones carry energies that are usually known to reside inside the Earth, a Rudraksha, meanwhile, grows in the Gangetic plains, mostly in Nepal and Indonesia, and entails a fusion of both crustal and above the crust energy. 

These pure rudraksha found in Nepal come in various forms. At AstroTalk, we have Rudraksha beads that range from 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi. Each bead is capable of aligning our energy in specific outcomes in health, self-empowerment, creativity, attraction, fulfilment, etc. 

How are rudrakshas made?

A Rudraksha is found naturally in this world. As said, Rudraskhas are derived from a tree named Elaeocarpus. These trees are usually found in the north Indian river plains and in abundance in the southeast in Nepal and Indonesia. Once the trees have been planted, they need to grow for at least 15-16 years when they finally start bearing fruits that resemble blueberries. This blue fruit is kept in the water for a number of days where the pulp surrounding it loosens up. As the pulp loosens up, rudraksha is taken out of it. Rudraksha beads, as they come out, have a number of faces called Mukhi. While most rudrakshas are 5-Mukhi, anything higher than 14-Mukhi is very rare. 

If you observe a Rudraksha bead, it has the top portion from where lines originate and is called Brahma. The middle portion, having the largest diameter, is called Vishnu and the bottom portion, where the lines end, is called Shiva. 

Buy Rudraksha Online  

Today, a lot of people avail Rudraksha beads and wear them for success in relationship, career, business, fulfilment of desire and much more. Rudraksha can surely bring these benefits to you, but only an authentic Rudraksha is said to work its best. 

We at AstroTalk do just that. We cater to our customers the best and most authentic rudraksha beads so they can reap the benefits of wearing rudraksha for themselves. At AstroTalk, you get certified Rudrashaka beads of different Mukhi or faces, which are mostly exported from Nepal and Indonesia. 

If, in any case, you are not satisfied with what you are getting, you can directly contact us, and we would address your concern about the Rudraksha. If you need to further testify the Rudraskhas you are getting, you can contact the astrologers on the AstroTalk platform and they will better assist you about the same. The astrologers can also answer questions like what would be the shubh muhurat to wear the Rudraksha beads, how many mukhis will suit you, and so on. If you want to buy rudraksha beads online or rudraksha mala online, you just need to consult with any of our astrologers so that you can get the best advice for the best suitable rudraksha. To buy rudraksha online, you need to order online on our website. We will provide you with the original products.

Rudraksha - FAQs

How do  I know which Rudraskha will suit me?

The best way to find what rudraksha will suit you is to opt for consultation. You must always consult or talk to astrologer before you buy a rudraksha or even a gemstone. Rudraksha is used to balance the energy flowing within you, hence, you don't want the energy to be too much or too less. Thus to find the balance, you need to be aware of how many Mukhi rudraksha you should wear and only an astrologer can help you find that.  

Is wearing methodology necessary? 

The rudraksha expert astrologers at AstroTalk have decoded the proper way to wear rudraksha. It is believed that when you wear rudraksha, not only choosing the right beads matters but also matters the right way to wear them. Wearing rudraksha helps us in balancing the chakras and thus following the right way to wear them becomes necessary. 

Are there any harmful effects of wearing rudraksha? 

Since these beads are the gift of nature, wearing the right one while following proper procedure will only attract positive energies from the cosmos for you. 

How much does a rudraksha mala cost?

The price of the Rudrasha mala depends upon the rarity of the bead. For example, anything above 14 mukhi is a rare rudrakshas and thus usually costs more than 5-Mukhi, which is quite common.  

Where should I wear the rudraksha mala? 

Again it entirely depends on your current situation and an astrologer's understanding of it. As per the prevailing situation, only an astrologer can suggest where you must wear a rudraksha

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