Theta Healing (थीटा हीलिंग)

Theta Healing

This healing is done for a person who wants to improve his/her health, emotional well being, lack of prosperity and challenging relationships. Theta Healing is a useful technique that creates a fusion between spirituality and science to identify and further subsequently transform an individual’s negative beliefs like poor health, challenging relationships and also lack of prosperity, deeply held blocks back in their mindsets and moreover trauma in their unconscious minds. It can easily resolve the trapped energy below a trauma by replacing one’s mindset with positive beliefs and a positive insight towards life.

Benefits of Theta Healing:

a) Reveals your creative potential.

b) Puts an end to fears and phobias.

c) Frees you from addictions and habits.

d) Makes your spiritual connection deeper.

e) Aids you in attaining personal freedom.

f) Helps you to be healthier and feel well.

g) Heals physical illnesses.