Rahu Yantra

राहू यंत्र | This yantra is been laminated, hence the polish and the duration of the mantra will last longer.

Please Note: The current cost listed here is for 25,000 mantra jaap. If you wish to get more powerful Yantra and For better results kindly select 50,000 Jaap, 75,000 jaap and 1,25,000 jaap, in the ADD-ON while filling the product intake form. 

A special note for a customers is that this yantra is been energised (Abhimantrit) by Panditji. Being a shadow planet,Rahu plays a major role in causing hinderance in one's life.The Rahu yantra will mmake sure that your life is free from the  uncertanities that are going on in your life or the ones that are apprroching you. The presence of this yantra will be make sure that uncertanities will be reduced and you will be stronger and dedicated like never before in the approach towards your goal. The yantra also showers the blessings of good and a prosperous life upon you. The Yantra helps to overcome addictions and recedes the effect of negativity from one's life. Therefore placing the Rahu Yantra in office or home will have a positive impact. Placing of this yantra in the right direction will give mind pleasing results in your life.

Price: 8,000.00/piece