Shukra Yantra

शुक्र यंत्र | This yantra is been laminated, hence the polish and the duration of the yantra will last longer.

Please Note: The current cost listed here is for 25,000 mantra jaap. If you wish to get more powerful Yantra and For better results kindly select 50,000 Jaap, 75,000 jaap and 1,25,000 jaap, in the ADD-ON while filling the product intake form. 

A special note for a customers is that this yantra is been energised (Abhimantrit) by Panditji. Shukra or Venus is the planet that is resembled with luxury and beauty. When the shukra is going good in one's horoscope the individual enjoys a very luxirous and rich life. There will be no defiency in the matter oof money in the life of that individual. The placing of Shukra Yantra will make sure that the person always enjoys a higher status in life and minimises the obstacles that may cause a financial problem in the life of that individual.  The Shukra Yantra also favors a happy married life. It bestows one with financial stability and harmony in professional life. Also,the flaws related to eye, stomach, and skin can be cured with with the correct optimization of the yantra.

Price: 1,100.00/piece