List of Shradha Days In 2024


There is an old saying-“We reap what we sow”. Hindus believe that what we do in life affects our future, and this also applies to our ancestors. If our ancestors did bad things in their lives, their karma may be passed on to us. But by performing Shradh or Pitru Paksha rituals, we can help to prevent this from happening. These rituals also help to calm our ancestors' souls and make them happy.

Pitru Paksha, also known as Shradh, is a Hindu festival that lasts 16 days and is dedicated to honouring and paying tribute to one's ancestors, or pitrus. It is believed that the souls of departed ancestors visit their descendants during the month of Ashwin (September-October).

During this time, Hindus undertake rituals and make offerings of food, water, and other items to their ancestors in order to obtain their blessings and secure their well-being in the hereafter. It is a significant time for seeking forgiveness and conducting charitable gestures for those in need. Know what to do on Pitru Paksha (Shradh) 2024 to seek your ancestors' blessings.

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In the Hindu calendar, tithis are the lunar days. They are determined using the moon's location in the sky. A lunar month has 30 tithis, each lasting around 12 hours.

When is Pitru Paksha or Shradh 2024?

The beginning of Pitru Paksh or Shradh in 2024 is on September 17th, Tuesday, and it will end on October 2nd,Wednesday. Between these intervals, several Pitru Paksh Shradhs are performed.

Shradh Dates 2024

  • Purnima Shradh Date 2024 – 17th September 2024 (Tuesday)
  • Pratipada Shradh Date 2024 – 18th September 2024 (Wednesday)
  • Dwitiya Shradh or Dooj Shradh Date 2024 – 19th September 2024 (Thursday)
  • Tritiya Shradh Date 2024 – 20 September 2024 (Friday)
  • Chaturthi Shradh & Maha Bharani Shradh Date 2024 – 21 September 2024 (Saturday)
  • Panchami Shradh Date 2024 – 22 September 2024 (Sunday)
  • Shashti Shradh Date 2024 – 23 September 2024 (Monday)
  • Saptami Shradh Date 2024 – 23 September 2024 (Monday)
  • Ashtami Shradh Date 2024 – 24 September 2024 (Tuesday)
  • Navami Shradh Date 2024 – 25 September 2024 (Wednesday)
  • Dashmi Shradh Date 2024 – 26 September 2024 (Thursday)
  • Ekadashi Shradh Date 2024 – 27 September 2024 (Friday)
  • Dwadashi Shradh or Magha Shradh Date 2024 – 29 September 2024 (Sunday)
  • Trayodashi Shradh Date 2024 – 30 September 2024 (Monday)
  • Chaturdashi Shradh Date 2024 – 1st October 2024 (Tuesday)
  • Sarva Pitru Amavasya or Amavasya Shradh Date 2024 – 2nd October 2024 (Saturday)

Pitru Paksha or Shradh Meaning

In Sanskrit, the words "Pitru" and "Paksha" denote the predecessors or forefathers and the time, respectively. Every year around this time, individuals make food gifts to their ancestors. It is one of the most significant times in Hinduism.

People think that honouring our ancestors or progenitors will result in divine favours. Invoking the divine's favour is a lucky thing to do since Pitru paksha shradh appeases the Hindu God. The primary goal of this rite, however, is to ask God to pardon the ancestors' previous transgressions or crimes.

Significance of Pitru Paksha

In Hinduism, Pitru Paksha, also known as Shradh, has long held great significance. Let's elaborate on this subject below.

  • To ensure that our ancestors enter paradise and unite with God, shradh is performed.
  • Tarpan, or Shradh ceremonies, bring comfort to the departed souls.
  • The ancestors are thought to come to Earth during Pitru Paksha. That is why all of the actions are carried out in an effort to calm their souls and win their blessings.
  • Pitrilok is the name of a world that is thought to be situated halfway between Earth and heaven. Three generations of ancestors live in this location.
  • One of the three ancestors leaves a place in heaven for the deceased soul when someone from the next generation passes away.
  • The Pitrilok are under the care of Lord Yama, the God of Death. Thus, the Shradh rituals are an opportunity to also make an impression on him.
  • Happiness in the ancestors' rebirth is ensured by doing Pitru Paksha.
  • In addition, Pitru Paksh or Shradh is a significant period of time for those who have Pitra Dosh in their horoscope.

Pitra Dosh in a horoscope

It is important for everyone with Pitra Dosh in their horoscope to be aware of this. Pitra Dosh is a karma debt owed by our ancestors that is said to have a detrimental effect on the following generation. The current generation's life is expected to be affected by these issues and obstacles. Even the planets are dislocated from their appropriate homes during this period.

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Remedies for Pitra Dosh 2024

Pitru Dosh may be a problem and needs to be removed as a result. In addition to doing Shradh, the following are some methods for eradicating Pitru Dish.

  • Give food to the hungry, including dogs, birds, and the impoverished.
  • Spend time with seniors and show them respect.
  • Make a donation, especially around the New Moon or Amavasya, to hospitals or to those with physical disabilities. The auspiciousness would also be increased by burning a lamp and providing food for the Brahmins.
  • Water the Banyan tree and give the cow some food.
  • Respect your husband or wife.

Pitru Paksha 2024 Rituals

Now let's talk about how to do the Pitru Paksha Rituals. Let's break them down step by step.

  • For 16 lunar days, the Pitru Paksh rituals are performed. Every day, a particular Shradh ceremony is done.
  • The Pitru pooja is performed at home by the family's eldest son.
  • To prepare for the ceremony, the participant must get up early and take a bath.
  • The performer must be bare-chested and must wear a dhoti at all times.
  • The individual must next put on a ring made of Darbha grass. Then, in order to have the ancestors' souls seated in the ring, mantras are recited.
  • Lord Vishnu and Lord Yama (the Death God) are worshipped during this time.
  • The next ritual, called Pind Daan or Tarpan, involves offering cooked rice, ghee-coated barley balls, and black sesame seeds to the sun's hand. Then, water is poured over it.
  • The cooked food is then served to dogs and crows, who are thought to carry ancestors' souls at the time, as the last stage.

Pujas to perform on Pitru Paksha (Shradh) 2024

You can perform the following pujas on Pitru Paksha (Shradh) 2024:

  • Vishnu Puja: During Pitru Paksha (Shradh) 2024, Vishnu Puja can be performed to assist the ancestors in obtaining blessings and serenity. Lord Vishnu, the protector of the cosmos and the one who can bestow blessings on the ancestors, is honoured in this puja.
  • Gayatri Mantra Jaap: Chanting the Gayatri Mantra during Pitru Paksha aids the ancestors in achieving moksha, according to Gayatri Mantra Jaap. The mantra is to thank the ancestors and ask for their favours.
  • Navagraha Puja: To please the planets and obtain their blessings, Navagraha Puja is conducted during Pitru Paksha. One's fate is greatly influenced by the planets. One can therefore receive blessings and overcome any challenges in life by performing this pooja.
  • Shradh Puja: On Pitru Paksha (Shradh), 2024, a Shradh Puja will be performed to honour the dead and ask for their blessings. It is a thorough ritual that includes several actions, including performing Tarpana and providing food and water. This puja is being performed to thank the ancestors and enlist their help.

Benefits of Pitru Paksha 2024

To gain from Pitru Paksha, people observe caution throughout the entire 16-day period. To receive the rewards listed below, believers must be sure that everything is done properly.

  • It assists in removing Pitru Dosh from a horoscope. Additionally, this enables planets to reposition themselves in the appropriate homes.
  • It also makes sure that the souls of the ancestors are content so that they can joyfully begin their ascent to heaven.
  • If you effectively contribute to this period, the karmic debts or punishment of previous generations are also cancelled.
  • The peace and general wellbeing of the current generation are also maintained.

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