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What will be the benefits of face reading?

Helps you to understand how people feel,To analyze an individual's personality and clear recognition of personality types and behavior styles.Insights into communication patterns which people would like to hear,helps Identify stress issues and their effects on health and performance and It helps to know how each person will operate in a team and who works best independently,Identify strengths and weaknesses.

What is Face Reading?

Face reading or physiognomy is an occult practice to evaluate the personality or character of an individual from his outward appearance - especially the face. It is an intriguing practice wherein you perceive the characteristics of a human, his fate (past, present, future), as well as their health – just by observing the face. The concept of the connection between both the external appearance of a person and its internal character was traditionally common and often occur in ancient Greek poetry. The face acts as the traverse path to our soul, past, present, and future. Moreover, it is a technique used by expert face readers to get an insight into the future. Astrologers have observed that “Lines on a human face is not drawn without purpose”. Therefore, Astrology enthusiasts practice face reading and explore higher meanings in an individual's life.

What happens after I place the order?

You will be connected to your concerned astrologer via chat window, where astrologer can place complimentary calls. You can clarify any queries via chat or call. Astrologer will share the mode of communication of this healing.

एस्ट्रोटॉक वादे

एस्ट्रोमॉल आपकी सभी ज्योतिषीय आवश्यकताओं के लिए एक अच्छा प्लेटफॉर्म है। इसके अलावा आपको सबसे वास्तविक प्रयोगशाला-प्रमाणित उत्पाद जैसे रत्न, कवच, यंत्र आदि एस्ट्रोमॉल की उत्कृष्टता का आश्वासन देते है। साथ ही रेकी उपचार, पिछले जीवन प्रतिगमन, परामर्श आदि जैसी ये सेवाएं एस्ट्रोमॉल की वास्तविकता को बढाते है। और यह सभी सेंवाए आपकी जरुरतों को पूरा करती है। यदि आप हमारे किसी भी उत्पाद या सेवा के बारे में कोई भी प्रश्न पूछना चाहते हैं, तो आप हमारे ग्राहक सेवा अधिकारियों से आसानी से संपर्क कर सकते हैं।

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