Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

29 Jan - 04 Feb, 2023


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

(Jan 20 - Feb 18)

The Aquarius weekly horoscope states that you have no control over anything other than how you react to what happens. There may be obstacles and setbacks throughout the week, but your persistence and fortitude will ensure that you conquer them all with vigour. However, this week will be challenging for your professional life as Venus in Pisces will square Mars in Gemini on February 4. You may encounter animosity and disagreement at work. Keeping good relationships with your colleagues is therefore essential for you. Your financial situation will remain the same, and this week will be typical in that regard.

Aquarius love horoscope

The Aquarius weekly love horoscope advises being open about your feelings for someone. Someone is attempting to get close to you, and you must allow loving a chance to grow by putting the past behind you. Married residents should schedule a special meal for two as time shall shower some romance on them. You'll still be near your loved ones. The bonds between you and your family and friends will grow stronger. In private affairs, you may be patient.

Aquarius career horoscope

It will be a perfect opportunity to invest in the stock market given your current situation with two perks. The weekly career horoscope for Aquarius indicates that it would be advantageous for you to purchase a new home or place of employment. It would appear that careers in law, the arts, or journalism had a possibility to be financially rewarding. At this point, if others start to notice your efforts, you could get promoted. So, Aquarius people, wish for the best!

Aquarius finance horoscope

This week will bring you financial prosperity. You will have multiple sources of income and will meet your financial goals. Before making a real estate investment, be sure you have good financial guidance. Your chances of achieving success will rise if you bring on a new business associate. This might result in new revenue streams, according to the Aquarius weekly finance horoscope. Both your friends and family members will provide you with financial support.

Aquarius health horoscope

You may have a healthy week, thanks to the help of the planets. One tip would be to avoid going overboard. Excessive exertion may cause a number of health issues even in a normal week. Maintaining a schedule will help you do your everyday tasks without becoming overly worn out. The Aquarius weekly health prediction advises against anticipating any significant health issues, with the exception of a mild migraine.

Tip of the week

It's a beautiful week for romance, so follow your heart, go to events, approach people, and work creatively with an artistic buddy.


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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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