Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

July, 2024


Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

(Jan 20 - Feb 18)

July 2024 presents a mixed bag of cosmic energies for Aquarius natives, as outlined in the Monthly Horoscope. Despite potential challenges, the steadfast presence of your zodiac lord, Saturn, throughout the month promises resilience and triumph. Discipline becomes your ally, aiding in the timely completion of tasks and bringing balance to your personal and professional spheres. Spiritual inklings and thoughts of benevolence may grace your mind, although vigilance towards health is advised. Increased support from family and a boost in earnings mark positive trends. Your career stands to flourish, provided you embrace harmonious conduct and manage your temper.

Love & Relationship

For Aquarians in love, July initiates on a romantic note, with the combined influence of Mars and Venus fostering heightened passion and intimacy. The first half radiates love, with increased romanticism and strengthened bonds. However, caution is warranted in the latter half, as Saturn's influence on the seventh house may strain relationships. Mutual arguments and verbal conflicts may escalate, demanding patience and care to maintain harmony.

Health & Wellness

July unveils a health rollercoaster for Aquarians. Saturn, your zodiac lord, ensures a foundation of good health, emphasizing discipline and routine. Yet, the presence of Ketu in the eighth house and planetary movements to the twelfth house could trigger health concerns. From burning sensations in eyes to joint pain, a proactive approach to medical treatment is essential to navigate potential physical challenges.

Money & Finances

Financial prospects kick off positively, with Rahu in the second house and Mars and Venus in the eleventh house indicating increased earnings. The month's first half sees Jupiter's auspicious influence, creating favorable money-making yogas. However, the second half brings financial challenges, with rising expenses. Mars and Venus in the twelfth house signal caution, urging a mindful approach to spending. Investment opportunities in the share market are highlighted in the latter part of the month.


Career trajectories for Aquarians in July show a blend of opportunities and challenges. Mars in the eleventh house hints at job promotions and salary increments, supported by positive relationships with senior officers. However, mid-month, Mars's shift to the twelfth house suggests potential work-related travel. Business endeavors see progress, but diligence is crucial. Saturn's influence in the seventh house requires maintaining strong partnerships, while challenges may arise in mid-July.

Important Dates: 10, 13 and 26

Tip of the Month: Recite the 'Dashrathkrit Shani Stotra' every Saturday for enhanced stability and positive energies in your life.



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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Wondrous experiences await you

Where Jupiter transit shall make you experience favourable possibilities in life, Venus could improve your bonds with your partners. You can read about more such transits that would take place in the upcoming month by reading your monthly horoscope.

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Where new things can make you uneasy, the old ones can make you clingy. In both cases, proper guidance and assistance is a need that you can get from the monthly horoscope for Aquarius. It won’t only tell you what steps to move forward within the upcoming month but will also tell you the particular dates and weeks which shall be auspicious for you.

So Aquarians! Let the monthly horoscope for your zodiac sign be your mentor for the upcoming months, and enjoy the days that are for you!

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