Virgo Monthly Horoscope

July, 2024


Virgo Monthly Horoscope

(Aug 23 - Sep 22)

As per the Virgo Monthly Horoscope for July 2024, this month promises favorable outcomes for individuals born under the Virgo zodiac. Despite the positive celestial alignments, a cautionary note advises a shift in behavior, attributed to the presence of the Nodal Planet Ketu throughout the month. Feelings of solitude may arise, urging Virgos to actively engage with others to fortify their relationships. Notably, opportunities for property and vehicle acquisitions are highlighted. Health concerns may surface, emphasizing the need for self-care. On a brighter note, aspirations for overseas travel might find realization.

Love & Relationship

For Virgos in romantic relationships, the initial phase of July brings favorable conditions. The influence of the Sun and Mercury fosters wise and positive thinking, facilitating clear expressions of love. Venus and Mars movements in the fifth house enhance intimacy, creating a romantic atmosphere. Married Virgos, however, may experience ups and downs. Planetary positions indicate potential tensions, especially with Mars influencing the seventh house. Patience becomes crucial in navigating relationship challenges, with the latter half of the month offering a more stable period for understanding and connection.

Health & Wellness

Virgo's health prospects in July 2024 present a mixed picture. Saturn's presence in the sixth house offers relief from past ailments and imparts resilience. However, a warning against negligence is sounded, as a careless attitude may lead to serious health issues. Influences from Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn in the eighth house suggest potential changes in health. Virgos are advised to stay vigilant about their well-being during this period.

Money & Finances

Financial matters for Virgos in July are characterized by fluctuation. Positive aspects from Mars and Venus in the fourth house signal potential gains, including property acquisitions. However, Jupiter's presence in the eighth house hints at financial challenges and increased household expenses. Sun's entry into the sixth house and Saturn's aspect on the twelfth house accelerate spending. Virgos are cautioned to exercise financial prudence, with emphasis on controlling expenses and refraining from significant investments during this period.


July holds promising prospects for Virgo individuals in their professional endeavors. Saturn's presence in its own zodiac in the sixth house encourages hard work and fortifies job stability. Despite potential job changes signaled by Mercury's movement in the fifth house, a later transit into the sixth house suggests a continuation in current roles. Business ventures should proceed cautiously, considering Jupiter's unfavorable positioning in the eighth house. Surprising decisions, influenced by Rahu in the seventh house, may yield progress but require careful consideration.

Important Dates: 7, 12 and 28

Tip of the Month: Place a red-colored triangle-shaped flag in a temple on the Tuesday of the Shukl Paksh (Darker fortnight) of a month.



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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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