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Coordination is key in a Virgo and Libra love match. The earth sign Virgo is highly pragmatic and orderly. Their engines run on hard work and strategic planning of their daily tasks. Complacency has no space for them. On the other hand, the air sign Libra is extremely balanced in their personality. They are even-tempered and impartial to all things. This makes Virgo and Libra love compatibility quite magnificent when it comes to understanding each other on an emotional level. Despite being a couple that almost feels like two pieces of puzzles coming together, a Virgo and Libra couple can come across numerous problems. For one, Virgo can be extremely critical of their partners at times which often does not bode well for Libra. Criticism is something that Libra finds difficult to digest, especially when too much is thrown at them too often.


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Things get tricky and often tends to get real bad real fast when it comes to Virgo and Libra sexual compatibility. More often than not, when it comes to sexual experiences, both of them can never really get into the same tempo. Whereas Virgo takes time to get into the second gear in terms of their physical relationships, Libra, on the other hand, zooms through the first phase of their relationships. An air sign is often impatient in this regard. What’s worse, as the relationship moves forward, Libra tends to slow down while Virgo never really wishes to break their tempo. Virgo-Libra love becomes difficult in bed not only because of this mismatch in speed but also how emotionally different both are. Libra, being an air sign, is open and likes to try new things out. Therefore, Virgo’s shy nature might come across as rude and uninvolved to a Libra partner.


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In a Virgo-Libra friendship, Libra will be the captain of their ship. Libra, being the more level headed of the two, brings stability among them. They are also unbiased and have better control over their emotions. This enables them to gently nudge Virgo into the right direction when they veer off in the wrong direction. They also like to follow rules which Libra doesn’t mind employing. Virgo and Libra friendship compatibility is extremely good as Libra plays the role of the architect and Virgo plays the role of the executor – a perfect balance. Common grounds are necessary for a friendship. Fortunately, Virgo and Libra friends have a few things in common, such as their interest in beauty. They are passionate about things that project beauty, such as art, which makes them quite likely to get along when they are together. The only caveat in this friendship is that Virgo doesn't open up about themselves too much which might create some trust issues among them.


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Virgo and Libra communication compatibility is a daring topic to discuss since there aren’t too many nice things to say other than the ones already mentioned in the previous sections. Restating the only caveat in a Virgo-Libra friendship, Virgo’s unwillingness to open up can make communication quite a bit tricky when it is related to Virgo and Libra love as well. Further, despite being the initiator, Libras are extremely indecisive. They like to consider every side of the story very carefully before deciding on anything. On the other hand, Virgos can be relatively stubborn and decisive. This creates a huge communication gap when they are trying to sort out their feelings for each other. A Virgo and Libra couple might often find themselves arguing as Libra is mostly willing to understand their differences at first but as Virgo keeps criticizing their tentativeness, things can get quite unpleasant.


Virgo is a mutable sign while Libra is a cardinal sign, which means that they have the potential to get together with each other if they tried. It is important Virgo cuts down on their expectations from others while Libra, being ruled by Venus, must not get too comfortable around the Mercury-ruled Virgo. When Virgo takes care of you, you should not become lazy and complacent. If Libra can show Virgo their hard work, things might get better. At the end of the day, both signs must learn how to settle for a middle ground. Both of them have differences and respecting both of their choices is the key to a successful Virgo and Libra relationship.

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