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Aquarius and Aquarius love is a sweet-bitter one. By putting forward their positive aspects, they could acknowledge each other’s best version and scale up to become a better person accordingly. But if they keep their pessimistic approaches ahead of them, the two would create a lot of pressure on themselves and each other. Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility solely depends on the events they choose to bring in their day-to-day lives. Together the two would enjoy discussing progressiveness and modern thoughts but, individually, might run in a comparison race of “Mine Was Better.” Aquarius and Aquarius couple can make others jealous with the beautiful understanding they share and could never let people see through even if they are facing a hard time in their romantic lives.


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Aquarius and Aquarius couple together share a pretty interesting sexual bonding. It would be full of experiments and excitement. Both would help in fulfilling each other’s fantasies without any quelling. Also, they will find a way in which they connect their dreamy sexualities. Both the partners shall face trouble fitting in the general taboos of sexuality but might bond on all the emotional criteria present in that moment. Despite such understanding, they could still face obstacles in feeling satisfied by their Aquarian partner leading to an average Aquarius and Aquarius sexual compatibility. Both shall lack in quenching each other’s intimacy thirst and would most love it in “Heat of the Moment" manner.


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Aquarius-Aquarius friendship is one of those excellent ones where both share the best times of their lives excluding others. Both Aquarians tend to be pretty self-contained and don’t wish to explain themselves much to others as they believe people would hardly get their kind of braininess. But in their Aquarian pal, they find it all they are searching for to connect and share. Aquarius and Aquarius friendship compatibility is high and relies on the fact that they are equally spontaneous, rational, and practical about their ideas and thoughts. Both complement each other, share almost similar interests and actively choose each other for their happy times.


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Two Aquarians getting in a conversation? Reciprocation Alert! Aquarius and Aquarius communication compatibility is a perfect image of how one should share the right ideas and implement them in a planned manner. Both when communicating, mostly share sparkling thoughts and let their ideas fly out. If we see on the other side of the story, both might get into an “Ideologies War” if their thought doesn’t work in the same array. When one Aquarian speaks to another, they shall connect intellectually. But if things come on their pride or ego, Aquarius and Aquarius communication could get ruined in seconds without even their own knowledge.


Same traits, same understanding but a race of proving themselves better than the other? Yes! Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility is pretty working, but only if they keep their pride, ego, and “I am better” attitude aside. Two Aquarians would make each other feel alive and in love completely. They would synchronize with each other’s thought processes and intellect. But if things go the other way round, both could be rebellious to infinite extents! To figure a middle way out or to walk together on a path where they both respect the thought process of their other half is the way to improve Aquarius-Aquarius compatibility. Plus, avoiding quirkiness and discussing beings could also solve the issues between two Aquarians to quite an extent.

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