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LEO Daily Horoscope


Don't be afraid to speak up in a meeting or to schedule a sit down with a colleague or boss - whether to hash out details on a project or deal with a sensitive situation.


The numbers 40 and 80 are going to bring you lots of luck. You will pass any exams coming your way.


Slowly, you are getting stronger and stronger and getting back on your feet. Work on your emotional strength. Push your own boundaries.


If you have oily skin, then today you will have some minor issues with break outs. Do your best to drink at least 2l of water today. It would be better if you skipped meat.

Personal detail

Taken signs just want their partner to fully love them and to be proud of them. You feel sick and tired for having to ask for support. Single signs will meet someone interesting in a social setting.


Yes, traveling can be very stressful but it can be a wonderful bonding experience. Especially if you are traveling with your loved one.