Leo Yearly



Leo Yearly Horoscope

( Jul 23 - Aug 22 )

As per the horoscope prediction 2021 for Leo, at the beginning of the year, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in your 6th house will affect you greatly. Whereas, Rahu will enter your 10th house giving strength in your career. Ketu will affect your 4th house. As a result, you will be able to accumulate riches with the help of a spiritual medium. On the other hand, in July, Mars transit in your 1st house will make you furious. Therefore, you will have to keep control of your temper. People around you will appreciate your achievements. You will get benefits from the heritage property of your family. In 2021, you will grow in many ways. Your analytical, practical, and theoretical knowledge will help you communicate your ideas very well to others. With the help of your wisdom mixed with your generous nature, you will make your financial life better. Leo natives who are married will have to be careful. An issue can grow the distance between you and your partner. Thus, discussing the issue and solving it would be the best choice. Native students who wish to travel abroad for their studies will get a chance to have their dreams come true. Amid all the great things happening in your life, you will have to be careful of your enemies.


Sara Ali Khan
12 August 1995
Malaika Arora
23 August 1973
Saif Ali Khan
16 August 1970
Sridevi Kapoor
13 August 1963

Leo Yearly Horoscope

Focus on building your reserves

Howdy pals with Leo zodiac sign! We know that despite being hubris and fearlessly optimistic, even your fear that failure might chase you, and in your deep wells, you worry what life might throw at you. So, can you rule and roar this year? There is a way to find that out, that is, by knowing your yearly horoscope for Leo.

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