Leo Weekly Horoscope

29 Jan - 04 Feb, 2023


Leo Weekly Horoscope

(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Joy is like a feather: the more you chase it, the harder it continues to elude you; however, if you put your attention elsewhere, it will approach you and rest gently upon your shoulder. The Leo weekly horoscope advises that you must release yourself from the bonds of wishes before becoming imprisoned by them. You will lose sight of life's little joys as Venus in Pisces will square Mars in Gemini on February 4, because of the fast pace and loftier goals that have been ingrained in your thoughts. You'll realise that you should cherish relationships more than committee meetings in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, for this week enjoy a prosperous time financially.

Leo love horoscope

The Leo weekly love horoscope predicts that this week, some old grudges may suddenly reappear in your relationships. You and your spouse need to let things go and develop a forgiving mindset. To maintain successful relationships, married couples should abstain from having a snobby attitude and be considerate of their partner's point of view. Additionally, you and your relationship with your spouse will continue to be successful. However, you'll bring your family with you. The horoscope also predicts that your companion will back any love proposals you make.

Leo career horoscope

You could already be feeling guilty about your recent splurge. It is advisable to avoid feeling envious of others, particularly your colleagues, and to develop self-control over your yearning for what you possess. Right now is not the time to experiment or take chances. The weekly career horoscope for Leo predicts that carelessness or negligence might result in issues or messy circumstances, which would stress you out and give you unnecessary headaches. You must thus exercise caution since clashes with the authorities and powerful people are inevitable.

Leo finance horoscope

You may have to act right away if you are experiencing any issues with the budget plans you made at the start of this week. It might be necessary to put everything on hold so that you can concentrate solely on the problem at hand. According to this week's Leo finance horoscope, purchasing a new residence or place of employment might be advantageous for you. Instead of repressing your negative ideas and emotions, channel them into something constructive that will ultimately work in your favour.

Leo health horoscope

This week's health might be rather different, it's possible. If you often experience allergic reactions, make a list of potential allergens and keep some medications on hand. Be mindful not to overwork yourself to prevent exacerbating sinus and nausea symptoms. You could quickly begin to feel better. If you are flying, pack your essentials. Last but not least, the Leo health horoscope this week suggests that you stock up on all required medications and take special care of your health.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope

This week, make life happen

If last week was an absolute blunder for you, then you would wish this week to turn out a bit more relaxing, won't you? But can someone assure you that the upcoming week will be better? Well, it's the Leo Weekly horoscope doing the job for you. Read your weekly horoscope today for exciting and insightful knowledge into a majority of your life aspects, including love, career, finance and more. 

The Leo horoscope is a recipe that has the potential to alter your life decisions. Like the crackling cracker, Leos tend to be warm and dynamic. They are also very brave and strong. So why did that strongness in you take a toll this week, Leo? Is it due to certain planetary movements? Maybe something catastrophic awaits you. Whatever it is, the weekly horoscope for Leo will invariably let you know. 

The Leo weekly horoscope is prepared by experienced astrologers who keep track of important planetary moments for you and informs you about the same in writing. Your weekly horoscope opens doors for the upcoming months and even years due to the sense of optimism or pessimism that will be bestowed upon you. Read it today, for you shall be happy and thankful that you did.

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