Leo Weekly Horoscope

22 May - 28 May, 2022


Leo Weekly Horoscope

( Jul 23 - Aug 22 )

According to the Leo horoscope this week, Sun and Mercury will conjunct in the Gemini zodiac sign on April 22. This shall impact your professional life intensely. Some natives shall see promotion, while some may attract good projects that would help them grow in their future. Moreover, when the Mars planet will move in the Aries zodiac sign on May 24, people shall enjoy a great time in their financial arena. Money inflow would increase, which would make your wealth arena better.


Furthermore, the Leo weekly horoscope says that health-wise, Leo natives may face some adversities. Thus, it is advisable that people take care of your well-being and eat nothing that may harm your health. In terms of love, the Venus movement in the Taurus zodiac sign on May 28 would impact your life. Therefore, make the best use of time and spend time with them.


Tip of the week: Make use of knowledge and enjoy your life to the fullest.



Sara Ali Khan
12 August 1995
Malaika Arora
23 August 1973
Saif Ali Khan
16 August 1970
Sridevi Kapoor
13 August 1963

Leo Weekly Horoscope

This week, make life happen

If last week was an absolute blunder for you, then you would wish this week to turn out a bit more relaxing, won't you? But can someone assure you that the upcoming week will be better? Well, it's the Leo Weekly horoscope doing the job for you. Read your weekly horoscope today for exciting and insightful knowledge into a majority of your life aspects, including love, career, finance and more. 

The Leo horoscope is a recipe that has the potential to alter your life decisions. Like the crackling cracker, Leos tend to be warm and dynamic. They are also very brave and strong. So why did that strongness in you take a toll this week, Leo? Is it due to certain planetary movements? Maybe something catastrophic awaits you. Whatever it is, the weekly horoscope for Leo will invariably let you know. 

The Leo weekly horoscope is prepared by experienced astrologers who keep track of important planetary moments for you and informs you about the same in writing. Your weekly horoscope opens doors for the upcoming months and even years due to the sense of optimism or pessimism that will be bestowed upon you. Read it today, for you shall be happy and thankful that you did.

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