Leo Yesterday Horoscope

30 January 2023


Leo Yesterday Horoscope

(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Personal: This day should take a turn for the better in regards to your love and relationship life, not a dramatic and fast change but a stable long lasting process. The horoscope for the day is full of optimism, good energy and enthusiasm in regards to your love life.

Travel: You might travel outstation with family or friends. You shall enjoy good moments.

Money: An average day brings you smooth sailing day with minimum hindrances.

Career: Some unexpected costs might be on the horizon, so save up so as not to be very affected if this happens. The cost of living could seem like something that keep adding up, living you little room to have fun or relax.

Health: Try and get rid of stress, look beyond this day and the approximate future, think big and plan on the long run. If your determination made you stick to a long term plan, then this is the day that will mark a change for the better.

Emotions: Your sense of happiness shall heightened. You would be in cheerful and joyous mood today. Partying with family and friends shall bring good moments.

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Sara Ali Khan
12 August 1995
Malaika Arora
23 August 1973
Saif Ali Khan
16 August 1970
Sridevi Kapoor
13 August 1963

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