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Both Leo and Taurus are characterized by their strong determination and their ability to make difficult decisions and stick to them. While Leo is loaded with passion, Taurus on the other hand is deeply emotional. When these two signs come together they might experience problems and dissimilarities between them at the outset. However, as they start spending more time together, they come to realize how much they enjoy each other’s company as well. While a Leo might find the Taurus lacking in passion and outward romance, he/she will attention and care instead. For the Taurus, the Leo might seem overbearing at times but he/she will certainly make things much more dynamic and interesting. Leo and Taurus compatibility flourishes when both signs can get over their fixations in their personalities and instead focus more on what Leo and Taurus love has to offer to each other.


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Leo and Taurus sexual compatibility is somewhat mysterious in a sense. Both of them can be energetic at times but also quite lazy at other times. Often one doesn’t want to take the job of the initiator or the active/dominant partner over the other. While Taurus seeks to kick back and relax, expecting Leo to display some acts of affection, Leo on the other hand, expects Taurus to move things forward and often decides to lie down and articulate what he/she wants Taurus to do. When these signs can get over their expectations from each other and instead acts on their strong desires and decides on the roles each of them play in their sexual activities, things soon start getting steamy. More often than not, Taurus ends up becoming the anchor in their activities who offers sensual pleasures while Leo brings excitement to their relationship with their bold decisions and suggestions. To sum it up, a Leo and Taurus couple can have a gratifying sex life but only if they decide to voice their wants and desires instead of simply expecting the other to read their mind and act on it.


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Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs which makes them incredibly difficult to work with. In terms of Leo and Taurus friendship compatibility, one can only watch them from a distance as they never back down from what they want. They are extremely stubborn and often fails to recognize the needs of the other. Nevertheless, Leo and Taurus friends can share a common thing which is trust. This is the one thing that they both value and can become the pillar of their successful friendship. Leo-Taurus friendship is mostly of mutual respect than a mutual love for each other which does not say a lot about their friendship. They can become competitive against each other and often in a negative manner.


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After exploring the difficult friendship that these two signs share, Leo and Taurus communication compatibility will most likely not excite you if you find yourself in a Leo-Taurus friendship or relationship. These two signs, as we have said before, are extremely adamant and stubborn. More often than not, they are full of ego and they refuse to let go of it. As things move on, Taurus may find the passion of Leo annoying and unrealistic. Taurus being the pragmatic one, however, might be accused of being pessimistic by Leo. It is difficult to imagine a relationship or friendship where you have to constantly tiptoe around one another. Both signs will often decide on not communicating their feeling to one another which can further strain their relationship only to burst up one day to ruin everything that they had worked so hard to build.


If you find yourself involved in a Leo-Taurus relationship, it is best to remain patient when dealing with your partner or friend. Both of these signs are fundamentally egoistic in their personality which is why you must learn to listen to each other and think things through before you decide to say something negative about the other. When things go awry, try to minimize the horizon of the mistake to the bare minimum lest you should start questioning your entire relationship. Think about what went wrong and fix that instead of continuously pointing fingers at each other. A Leo and Taurus couple can eventually get to a point where they can’t stand one another. If such bitterness arises, it is best to consider taking a break and reconsider things taking all pros and cons into consideration.

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