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Aries and Leo together are extremely compatible signs as per astrology. The two signs share a great understanding and are eternally ready to complement each other across domains with love being no exception. Aries in astrology is represented by the animal Ram that makes this sign highly social in their approach. Meanwhile, Leo is represented by Lion, which makes these people passionate and independent. And then the fact these qualities exist in coexistence, thus the Aries and Leo signs understand each other’s emotional state perfectly and thus make a very compatible couple.


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Aries and Leo couple, when really in love, are very faithful to each other. Their mantra of love is ‘you before me’ and it stays intact even when they find themselves between the sheets. They try to show each other their best moves and thankfully, they don’t force themselves into doing it. The Aries and Leo, since they are open about their feelings, thus evolve themselves as a passionate, enthusiastic and secure couple. The couple together brews a sexual relationship that can't be faded and interpreted.


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Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Leo, by the planet Sun. And for facts, both Mars and Sun are masculine energies. Thus, Leo and Aries are able to comprehend each other well. Also, talking about Aries and Leo compatibility in friendship, both these signs are Fire signs. The fire element within makes both the signs wanna be a leader, but there is no competition between the two until the knot of friendship is intact. However, the dent in Leo and Aries' friendship could be the result of Aries’ impulsive nature to jump onto things and Leo’s unrelenting attitude, which could frustrate Aries.


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The Leo and Aries communication is like a naive love story. It starts with the right amount of energy and shyness with the sprinkle of respect for each other. And as they get comfortable, there is lots of sharing of thoughts and "oh, I too like that" moments. Aka, they are interested in similar things, and words are no exception. Even when it comes to communication between the Leo and Aries couple, the chatter is full of emotions. Also, though there is a certain promise of a lot of fights between Aries and Leo, but at the end of the day, it's all about going back to normal and sharing cuddles.


When it comes to brewing a great Aries and Leo compatibility, it is necessary that the two signs don’t let their obsession to lead affect their relationship. Aries and Leo find it very difficult to follow someone else. And when someone does cross over their path, they could become very competitive about it, especially the man in the relationship. Thus you two together must realise that there comes a time in every relationship when one has to take the back seat and must realise that it’s not falling behind. Understanding this will enhance the Aries and Leo compatibility.

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