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Both Leo and Cancer require dedication and affectionate care, which makes Leo and Cancer compatibility great. But while Cancer desires solidity and emotional concord, Leo covets earnest compliments along with sincere admiration. They are intensely loyal, to the point that Leo and Cancer love is defined by possessiveness. Cancer, being the sensuous one, longs for safety in their relationship while Leo needs it for their self-confidence. A Leo and Cancer couple is also committed to each other in an enduring, gratifying union. Being similar in their desires, they might help each other fill a void in each other. When talking about Leo-Cancer love, both longs for a closely-knit family as well. Leo brings flair and passion to this family, and Cancer brings sensitivity and nurture. Leo plays a bolder role in this relationship whose position is vivid and majestic. Both Signs are also extremely resolute, which is why they must try to be attentive to understand and accept each other.


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Despite their incredible compatibility in terms of the love that they can share, the Leo and Cancer sexual compatibility can be considered underwhelming. Leo and Cancer represent the Kind and the Queen in the sky, respectively. And similar to most kings and queens, their sexual relationship is often strained due to various internal as well as external factors. It will be difficult for the couple to be sexually attracted to each other as Leo tends to be overly passionate during sexual intimacy and often forgets any concern about love. This often leaves Leo feeling guilty later on. Cancer, on the other hand, is easily scared by the fierce passion that Leo beholds. Instead what they prefer is a tender connection. They desire sensual sexual experiences and fails to understand the actions of Leo during sexual activities. Nevertheless, Leo and Cancer couple can have solid sexual encounters through which they can share their emotions with each other. However, it is unlikely that these sexual acts will be successful at providing any excitement to their relationship.


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Leo is a sign which is characterized by pride and honour. They love it when their ego is stroked and more often than not, they prefer to be the centre of attention wherever they go. Even when the person is an introvert, Leos generally look for some attention in a social gathering. Cancer, on the other hand, is almost the opposite of Leo in this sense. They love to do things for others and rarely expect anything from others. They are characterized by their caring nature who prefers happiness over pride. Due to these reasons, Leo and Cancer friends can be found to often be reciprocated and uplifting. However, the overzealous nature of Leo can get on the nerves of Cancer at times. Following such circumstances, Leos can easily sway Cancers by showering them with love, failing to do so might end up deteriorating their friendship. Therefore, it can be summed up that Leo and Cancer friendship compatibility can be rated above average.


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A Leo and Cancer couple is quite interesting when it comes to their communication. Both of them can have similar interests in their lives but when they exchange their thoughts on these, they realize how different they are despite their similar interests. Leo and Cancer communication compatibility is based on this nuance wherein the Leo looks at things from a perspective that makes the topic relevant to him and on the other hand, Cancer looks at things outwardly meaning they give more importance to the object than the relevance it might carry in their lives. This differing ideology often makes it difficult for Leo and Cancer friends to relate to each other as well. Leo, which is ruled by the Sun is used to the idea of things revolving around him/her whereas Cancer, which is ruled by the moon is more considerate of other earthy elements due to the moon revolving around the earth. Their contrasting views on life also makes Leo and Cancer compatibility quite difficult at times.


Leo and Cancer are fundamentally contrasting zodiacs as the former is a fire sign while the latter, a water sign. Further, Leo and Cancer are ruled by the Sun and the Moon respectively. These suggest that Leo and Cancer are not quite compatible overall. However, this does not mean that a Leo and Cancer relationship is impossibly difficult. With some effort, anyone can be in a relationship with anyone as long as they set their mind to it and do not overlook the necessities, feelings and emotions of the other sign. As mentioned earlier in our post, Leo and Cancer shares some similarity in the form of the affection that they can share for their loved ones. Using this common ground as the base for your relationship is perhaps the best idea that a Leo and Cancer couple can use.

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