Leo Daily Horoscope

18 June 2024


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Personal: Being sentimental shows that you care. Let your guard down and show a softer side today.

Travel: Try not to let other people’s holiday plans make you feel jealous.

Money: Everyday will bring new opportunities.

Career: Try not to let money take over your thoughts. If you are stressed then make a budget and stick to it.

Health: Take a step away from stressful situations if you feel like it could have an implication on your health. You have to put yourself first sometimes.

Emotions: Be happy today. Your smile is contagious.

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Sara Ali Khan
12 August 1995
Malaika Arora
23 August 1973
Saif Ali Khan
16 August 1970
Sridevi Kapoor
13 August 1963

Leo Daily Horoscope

Ready Leo Horoscope Today

Leo (July 23 - August 22) is the fifth zodiac sign in astrology. The Leo horoscope tells us people born under this zodiac sign are like the King and Queens of the zodiac jungle. The so-called tag because a Leo personality is often delighted to find themselves under the spotlight and become the topic of discussion. The Leo would literally do multiple obvious and unobvious things to find that luxury for themselves. However, though the description till now could make the Leo sound like the one spoiled brat of the zodiac jungle, but frankly, that is not the case. Interestingly, this urge to rule and feel royal also makes Leos a natural leader who does not only work hard to bring the silver spoon to the table but also has the best motivational speeches to tell.

Leo is the Fire sign in astrology. As Leo horoscope explains, the fire nature of Leo makes these people a bit dramatic, spontaneously creative, self-confident, extroverted, and dominant in nature. They are fond of forging friendships and relationships and are known to be very playful around the ones they love. The Leos are also a good talker and you can literally go a night or two just listening to the endless tales that they have to tell you. 

The Leo personality in astrology is ruled by the planet Sun. Leo horoscope for today explains how the Sun is the only planet in astrology that doesn't retrograde. Likewise, the Leos have a tendency to be stable, consistent and loyal in their attitude and life. The planet Sun in astrology is the indicator of the father, our ego, honours, status, fame, the heart, the eyes, general vitality, respect and power. Sun doesn’t like its shine to be eclipsed by the others, even not its friendly planets. Likewise, the Leos too are very sensitive about their status in life. While the Leo in your life will love to see you succeed, but as you surpass them, you finally allow them the reasons to judge themselves and sometimes envy you. However, this is a naive nature of Leo who has barred himself from understanding that they have the gift of light (sun) that can’t be destroyed. With the Sun as your ruler, you are a giver and others usually shine because of you. So there is nothing to feel threatened by them. Read the Leo horoscope for today to get more insight into how to control such feelings of jealousy in you.

Moreover, there's a lot more interesting stuff you can learn about the Leo zodiac sign by simply reading the Leo horoscope weekly available on the Astrotalk App and in the blog section of AstroTalk's website. Embedded under the Leo Horoscope for today, the horoscope contains: 

Leo horoscope for today 

Leo daily horoscope on the AstroTalk website or app is one section you can read to get insights into what your day would be like. While Leo daily horoscope can allow you cues about your day, on the other hand, Leo horoscope this week aka weekly horoscope for Leo can give you a bigger perspective on what the upcoming week could bring for you. You can check your Leo horoscope weekly here

Leo Love Horoscope 

Leos are one of the most loyal and imaginative lovers. Their creative sense of looking at things entwined with their sensual wit makes them good with romance. However, as we have mentioned before, when Leo feels that someone else, even their lover, is going past them in terms of achievements or even physical qualities, a Leo could feel threatened. It is when their ego and arrogant attitude comes into play. However, surely you wouldn’t want to sadden the one you love with that attitude of yours, right? Well, with our Leo love horoscope predictions we often pen numerous tips to help you control such an attitude. Make sure you give it a look.

Leo Career Horoscope 

Despite the fact the Leos seek to enjoy the luxuries of all sorts in their life, thankfully, they are also ready to work hard to gather them. So as you work hard, Leo, we too have worked hard to prepare for you, the Leo career horoscope. The daily Leo horoscope entailing the Leo career predictions can help your access what day or week of the month is best for you in terms of starting a business and going for an interview, etc. Taking a peek into the career horoscope furnishes an understanding of dos and don’ts in terms of career so that you make the right decision invariably. 

Leo Luck Horoscope

Not feeling lucky in a while? Or even if you are wondering what your luck is going to be like in terms of love, career or the proposal you are planning this week, the Leo luck horoscope can help you answer some of the toughest questions. Like the elders would advise, it best you stray ahead with caution when it comes to making big decisions in life. Thus, read the Leo luck horoscope before making any big move in life to get the best returns, 

Leo Travel horoscope 

Whether you are Leo or Libra, travelling is something which is a part of each and everyone's life. However, not every day is the best time to travel. Travelling brings with itself its own set of risks. And if you are planning to travel with your family, then the risks double up instantly. So if you are planning to travel somewhere this week, like a business trip, and are curious about the chances of it going smooth for you, then you can check out the Leo travel horoscope to get that information for yourself. 

Leo Horoscope - FAQs

Who is leo zodiac compatible with?

Leo zodiac sign is most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius or any person who appreciates their hard work and doesn't make them feel threatened by their aura. 

Who should Leo zodiac marry?

While the Leo daily horoscope tells us that Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius and the most compatible signs for Leo, but if you have any other zodiac sign as your partner, firstly, you would know them the best, and secondly, just in case you don’t, you can check theirs and yours compatibility by simply talking with our astrologers.

What sign does a person with Leo zodiac hate?

Leo rarely hates people. However, they are more likely to feel threatened by them. Leos don’t like their shine to lessen. So if you are someone who is doing better than the Leo in your life, it is likely for them to develop a feeling of jealousy and ego towards you. 

Which Planet rules Leo zodiac sign? 

The Leo sign in astrology is ruled by the planet Sun. 


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