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Buddhism is a significant religion, much like all other religions. This religion instructs us to always follow the path of truth, just like other religions do. The Buddhist Calendar 2024 is useful for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists who are curious about the festivals and festivities of the religion. The Lord Buddha's teachings are what made Buddhism popular. In addition, Lord Buddha, who follows the path of non-violence, is regarded as the creator of this religion. His first faith is likewise this one. In the fourth and fifth century BCE, Buddhism first appeared in India and eventually spread to other regions of Asia. Many holidays and celebrations continued to include an ancient religion in this way.

The Buddhist calendar is a lunar calendar used largely for religious or formal occasions by the Chinese in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, as well as Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. While calendars have a common ancestor, they also contain subtle but significant variances such as interval patterns, month names, and the use of cycles, among other things. In Thailand, Buddhist era names are a year number system shared by the traditional Thai lunisolar calendar.

The original Buddhist lunisolar calendar is still utilised mostly for Theravada Buddhist events today. The Thai Buddhist era, which is a renumbered Gregorian calendar, is Thailand's official calendar. It is a lunisolar calendar with 29- and 30-day months that alternate, with interval days and 30-day months added on occasion. All of its variations are based on the Surya Siddhanta from the third century, not the contemporary version (both versions are utilised by other Hindu calendars).

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Elements of Buddhism

The original Buddha, Lord Siddhartha, was born in India. He first attained enlightenment at the age of 35 and is a devout Buddhist who follows Karma and the Avatar. They think that by meditating on the Eightfold Path and living morally, one might reach nirvana. The Noble Eightfold Path of the Fourth Noble Truth is seen by Buddhism as the route leading to the end of suffering. Gautam Buddha once said that in order to determine the veracity of truth, one needs take the following path:

  • Right view: Seeing the world as it really is, without delusion or attachment.
  • Right thought: Cultivating thoughts of compassion, kindness, and generosity.
  • Right speech: Speaking truthfully, kindly, and helpfully.
  • Right action: Acting ethically and morally, avoiding harm to others.
  • Right livelihood: Engaging in a profession that is honest and ethical, and that does not harm others.
  • Right effort: Striving to develop positive qualities and to overcome negative ones.
  • Right mindfulness: Being aware of the present moment, without judgement or attachment.
  • Right concentration: Cultivating a deep state of concentration, which can lead to insight and wisdom.

When did the year start?

The start of the new year coincides with the Sun's entry into Aries, which is another commonality between the Buddhist and Hindu calendars. A constellation's duration is determined by the Buddhist year. When the Earth completes one circle around the Sun in relation to fixed stars, it is said to be in a constellation year. The start of the seasons is determined by this period, which is around 20 minutes longer than a tropical year and which the Western Gregorian calendar aims to follow. The Buddhist year begins a little later each year. The New Year will be observed on the 25th of January, according to the Buddhist Calendar 2024. However, there may be regional variances depending on the day.

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Festivals as per Buddhist Calendar 2024

Date Day Festival
Thursday January 25, 2024 Mahayana New Year
Saturday February 10, 2024 Chinese New Year
Thursday February 15, 2024 Nirvana Day
Saturday February 24, 2024 Magha Puja Day
Saturday April 13, 2024 Theravada New Year
Thursday May 23, 2024 Vesak - Buddha Day
Sunday July 21, 2024 Asla, Religion Day
Tuesday August 13, 2024 Oboni
Sunday December 28, 2024 Bodhi Day

Buddhist Festival According to the Buddhist calendar 2024

Bodhi Day

One of the most well-known Buddhist holidays is Bodhi Day, which commemorates the day that Gautama Buddha acquired enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, India, in 596 BC while seated beneath a Bodhi tree. One of the most important Buddhist holidays is Bodhi Day, which is observed in many mainstream Mahayana groups. Buddhists observe this day by meditating, chanting mantras, studying religion, and showing compassion for all living things. On this day, many people make the customary foods of cake and tea.

Mahayana New Year

According to the Buddhist calendar 2024, different nations and cultures celebrate Mahayana New Year on various dates. While some Mahayana Buddhists wait until the first full moon of the year, others celebrate this day on December 31 or January 1. This Buddhist holiday is not observed until the middle of January.

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The purpose of this holiday is to honour and honour Lord Buddha. As a sign of respect, the Buddha images are bathed, and religious music is played. Buddhism adherents flock to surrounding temples and light candles there as a sign of joy and fortune for the upcoming year. This day is observed by Buddhists as a day of reflection and meditation.

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Chinese New Year

The traditional lunar-solar Chinese calendar is used for celebrating Chinese New Year. Buddhists from the local area go to the adjacent temple on this day to adore the statue of Lord Buddha. On this day, in addition to presenting gifts for good luck and cleaning and decorating their homes, Buddhists. They eat a meal together and feast on their family members. Additionally, a variety of delicacies are produced there, and at midnight, the locals enjoy watching fireworks.

Nirvana Day

Parinirvana Day is another name for this day. At the age of 80, Buddha passed away on this day. It is commemorated on this day as the day he gained Nirvana. Nirvana, which is thought to be attained once all sorrow and longings have been satisfied, is the point at which the cycle of death and rebirth comes to an end. Depending on where you are, there are several ways to celebrate this day. While some individuals observe this Buddhist festival by practising meditation, others go to temples and monasteries.

Nirvana Day is observed in maths as a social occasion. People make meals, bring clothing and other household items to donate to the less fortunate on this day.

Magha Puja Day

For more than 2500 years, on a full moon day in the third lunar month, Buddhists have observed Magha Puja, a significant religious holiday. Quadruple Sabha and Union Day are other names for it. This puja honours four fortunate occurrences that happened close to Rajghana in northern India, nine months after Lord Buddha acquired enlightenment, rather than just one.

Buddhist adherents congregate on this day to debate the Buddha's teachings, hear from the elders of the community, and engage in meditation. People exchange presents and light oil lamps on the day of the Magha Puja.

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Theravada New Year

Theravada New Year is a significant Buddhist holiday that is observed for three days beginning with the first full moon in April.

Vesak-Buddha Day

One of the most significant Buddhist holidays is Vesak. Vesak or Buddha Day are other names for it. Buddhism adherents remember this day as the birth anniversary of Buddha. Every year, Buddha Day falls on a different day. On the first full moon day of the Vaishakh month, it is observed. Most often, it occurs in May or early June.

Asala- Dharma Day

As Siddhartha Gautama first imparted his teachings on how to become a Buddha, today is significant for Buddhists. This day is observed in Theravada nations on the day of the July full moon.


The Japanese Buddhist community celebrates Obon principally in remembrance of ancestor spirits. People assemble with their relatives on this day. They visit and clean the graves of their forefathers. The house's altars are said to be visited by the ancestors. Three days pass during the Obon festival.

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Buddhist Calendar 2024: Discover Significant Buddhist Festivals and Observances

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Buddhist Calendar 2024: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the main Buddhist festivals in the calendar for 2024?
A: The Buddhist Calendar 2024 includes festivals like Vesak, Asalha Puja, and Uposatha Days.

Q: Why is Vesak celebrated in Buddhism?
A: Vesak commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha, making it a significant triple celebration.

Q: How can I use the Buddhist Calendar 2024 for planning my observances?
A: Utilize Astrotalk's Buddhist Calendar 2024 to learn about important Buddhist festivals, understand their significance, and organize your cultural observances accordingly. 

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