Mole on the genitals


Mole on genitals: Meaning of moles in private parts of the body

Positive or negative? Having a mole on any part of your body could mean different things. When it comes to the private parts of the person, moles have their own significance. Sometimes, moles could be birthmarks that you can notice on the skin of a person. However, there are also times when they appear sometime after birth. Moles on the face, hands, legs, etc., add to the person’s beauty. A lucky mole in these places, including many others, can help the native attract positivity and worthwhile results and consequences.

According to mole astrology, a mole on the native’s genitals illustrates that they have an extremely high urge for sexuality. These people sometimes might act lusty, and their drive towards sensuality is high. Moreover, people who have moles on their private parts possess an illicit connection in their lives.

Furthermore, a mole in the private parts also says that you shall have a satisfactory sex life. Not only will you feel great about sexual connections with your partner, but have great people of the opposite sex driven towards you and your ways of loving. However, if you have a bad mole on the genitals, you might lose libido too. It can make you someone with an unsatisfactory sex life and a distraction from the opposite gender.

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Mole on the male private part

According to mole astrology, having a mark on the penis indicates sexual desire. You could be a womaniser. With that, there is a high possibility that such a person will be dishonest in a relationship. Even after marriage, such people could keep other connections after marriage. Such marks on the private parts are not all bad. They are also a sign of happiness. However, on the other hand, it could depict karmic marking, something from the past, which we bear into our current incarnation. A lucky mole on the penis makes you passionate by behaviour. On the other hand, an unlucky one might keep you disinterested in the opposite gender, and love matters.

  • A mole on the penis illustrates sexual diseases such as venereal diseases, STDs, etc.
  • People will have more than one connection or relationship. Interestingly, you will date many folks in your lifetime.
  • You will be open-minded and generous. Also, your viewpoint will be different from others. You will think through things before making an opinion about anything and everything.
  • Moreover, your thought process will matter to people.
  • In love matters, you will be a romantic being and have a happy married life. But, if the mole is bad, things shall go otherwise.
  • Money-wise, you won’t be extremely rich, but you will feel contentment with whatever you have.
  • As the mole is in the sensitive part of your body, you will feel the love and warmth of your partner from miles away. Their affection will call you close even from a distance.
  • The mole at the penis base indicates zealous behaviour. Furthermore, you will be loyal, and whenever you find someone who kinder your sexual spirit, you shall never look for another partner ever.
  • A mole on the head or shaft illustrates that you will be a fiery lover but won’t feel satisfied with one woman.
  • Also, the clearer the mole will be on your private part, the better and more well-expressed your traits will be.

Mole on the female private part

As per the mole astrology predictions, the colour and size of the mark matter immensely. So, whether your mole is on the right side of the vagina or the left side of it, traits and personality can vary extremely. Generally, vaginal moles signify characterless females. Also, there are high possibilities that you might be into many affairs and become a sex addict. Plus, a mole on such sensitive parts can also trouble the females with variable tensions and distress.

  • A mole on the vagina illustrates separation and divorce. Your relationship or marriage will be illicit and full of outside connections and draw toward the opposite gender.
  • There shall be diseases like STDs and venereal diseases, etc.
  • If the mole is present on the left side of the vagina, you might have sexual connections with strangers. In fact, the mole might make you use your sensuality and sex drive to earn money and satisfaction.
  • Females with this mole will never feel tired of earning money using their sexuality.
  • Having a mole on the right side of the vagina will make you a beautiful person. You will be loyal to your partner and most probably will have only one sex partner for life.
  • With it, a mole on this side of your private part will keep you interested only in one person for life.
  • A mole in between the upper side of the vagina but below the navel can make you someone who uses their actions and gestures to attract the opposite gender. However, you will never depict that drag toward such things.
  • You will be extremely active in your life and feel passionate about your impressions and emotions. However, a bad mole on the genitals can signify hidden agendas behind making sexual connections.
  • Also, having a mole on the private parts increases your interest in meditation, yoga, and similar activities. Interestingly, you will use these activities to reduce your sexual cravings.

Mole on the buttocks

Speaking of the hidden and private places, a mole on the buttocks can reveal a lot about who you are. According to mole astrology, if you have a mole in such a place represents your wise attitude and demeanour. Here, the mole will is the most unusual one and literally makes a big difference in the life of the natives.

  • Having a mole on the butt indicates that you are creative and intelligent. You possess the capability to make decisions mindfully, and others would listen to it without opinions.
  • However, on the other hand, a bad mole on the buttocks symbolises that you will not be respected by others. But, a lucky mole here indicates high respect and praise from others.
  • You will not feel devoid of potential wealth and success. Contentment will be there in terms of luxury, and you will enjoy the same without regrets or burdens.
  • Having a mole on the left side of the buttock, you might confront poverty. Moreover, you might face a deprived life. However, if the mole is on the right side of the butt will make you an independent person with wise will and free spirit.
  • Furthermore, a mark on the right side can also lead the person into professions like arts, creativity, etc. However, you will be practical and uninterested in the core if the mole is on the other side of the butt.

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