Finance and numerology


Finance and numerology

Material comfort is required for everyone to live a satisfactory life. This is when money comes in. Monetary energy is vital for anything and everything. Hence people are always on the hunt for ways to attract money. Esotericism is something that is followed by many where both the energies of money and numbers interact. Numerology can be considered close to science when it comes to financing because one might have noticed the numbers on the notes in the bank, such as nominal value and serial number. If used correctly, the numbers and their energy can be used to attract money. Let’s look at all the numerology numbers and their association with money.

According to Hindu ancient scriptures, the Lifepath of a person is determined by the numbers they are born under. The birth number of a person is determined by calculating the date, month, and year of the person’s birthday. Through this number, one would be able to identify their purpose in life and what the future holds for them.

Here we have all the numerological numbers and their relationship with money and finance.

Money number 1 in numerology

The people born under this number will prosper financially and will not have to struggle when it comes to money. You will generally have good health because you will be able to input more energy into your work, and will be rewarded with good revenue. Make sure to always stay humble and avoid overconfidence or anger for never-ending success. If you are struggling to make wealth, try consuming something sweet every Sunday to attract wealth. They will not take the responsibility if they ever need to take a loan and will blame others. They will give back the money in advance to the person they are indebted to.

Money number 2 in numerology

Earning money for you is a bit more difficult task than others because you do not take the steps required to earn it. Your will is not strong enough. So even if you make good plans, you fail to execute them because you don’t commit to them. Your sincerity to others never lets you upset them and you end up causing a loss for yourself by trying to avoid causing harm to them. Try keeping fasts on Mondays to attract money. You just have bad luck with money and will not receive it without working for it. Only hard work can lead to success for you. Inherited wealth is also a gray area for you.

Money number 3 in numerology

People falling under this number will have fortune regarding money, but they will also have to go through difficulties. You have good wisdom and knowledge and can use that to attract money. Being good with people is also one of your strengths and that will help you climb the social ladder. Although it is known that with highs there will also come lows, so you should try to avoid illegal business absolutely. On Thursdays, try wearing yellow clothes to ward off bad luck and to get wealth.

Money number 4 in numerology

Earning money can become very hard for you because you are not lucky in that aspect. But you are also hard-working and determined and don’t let failure pull you down. Easy money is not your thing and you’ve gotten used to it by now. Sheer hard work will get you financial satisfaction and wealth. Try avoiding negative thoughts as much as possible and stay optimistic at all times. Worshiping Lord Ganesha is something you should do to ward off negative energy.

Money number 5 in numerology

People belonging to this number are good in the field of business and can grow their business really fast with strategic thinking. Your logical way of thinking is best utilized in intellect and engineering pursuits. Employers working under you will have a good experience working with you as you will treat them as your equal and give them the opportunity to grow. Try to keep your mind calm and subdued to not let yourself get overwhelmed. To draw in success, feed grass or jaggery to cows every Wednesday.

Money number 6 in numerology

Considered to be the money attracting number, people falling under this will have the most luck when it comes to monetary wealth. You will probably get a huge sum by inheritance. Money will never be short and you will have a very comfortable life. But try controlling your expenses and make decisions rationally. Your thirst for luxury can cause problems in the future. Eating sweets on Thursdays will bring fortune and luck.

Money number 7 in numerology

Two different scenarios arise when it comes to the number 7 and money. Either they are rich or they lose money more than anyone. Your ambition is a good thing for you and you should put that to use by acting on the plans you created. But try avoiding doing anything reckless like gambling or venturing into a new business without much evaluation as that can lead to loss of money. But there are also chances that once you start earning money, no one can stop that until you become a millionaire. Feeding black dogs with food made out of flour to attract fortune.

Money number 8 in numerology

People with this number will have good luck with money but it more or less depends on the way they handle certain situations. Having an optimistic approach to life is necessary for you as that will determine your future. Don’t give up on the first trial and learn to overcome failure. Hard work is key when it comes to earning money and you will become rich through your brains rather than brawn. Try to give your brain a rest when things seem to overcome you and try avoiding negativity as much as possible. For good fortune and prosperity, try lighting a ghee lamp under a Peepal tree.

Money number 9 in numerology

Money is not a concern for this number and is in general quite fortune in terms of wealth. “Midas Touch” is closely related to the people under the number 9. You will find it very easy to draw in money even with the least amount of effort, like a gift or a lottery. You, in general, are very career-driven and have a high amount of energy and enthusiasm for your job, and will receive good results. To bring positive energy and to ward off misfortunes, recite Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday.

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