Number 7 in Numerology


Number 7 in Numerology: Meaning, characteristics and more

Also known as the spiritual stone, those born under the number 7 are really close to God. Those born on the 7th, 16th and 25th of any month fall under the number and their ruling planet is Ketu. It is symbolic in the sense that it connects from the bottom of the spine to the third eye which is in the middle of the eye. The third eye is considered to be the gate to the inner self. The number 7 has a relationship to the card chariot of the tarot deck, which means that people born under this number are logical and introspective. In most readings, the card chariot is taken as a victory, which indicates that these people are lucky in terms of fortune. They have healing qualities within them and do need much help from others. They work best when they are left alone.

An interesting point to notice here is that 7 is a prime number which can be broken down into 3 (creativity) and 4 (practicality). People belonging to this number are considered to be serious in nature with leading qualities and are quite short with their answers. They like the attention that they receive.

Numerology number 7 Personality Traits

If you made the calculations and have discovered that you fall under number 7, you are a special person as you don’t like anything extra and like everything to be plain and simple. Although you have emasculated taste. You like to be alone most of the time, and people may call you a loner. Usually isolating yourself from the rest of the world, you do not like oversharing and very rarely open up about your true feelings. The biggest struggle of your life is that you think too much and ponder on every minor thing and end up losing your patience frequently.

There is a peculiarity in the personality of this number as you could have a deep appreciation for the fine arts but there are also those belonging to the same number that consider arts an unnecessary thing. You might often find yourself in a difficult situation because you are opposed to something that was liked by a bigger number of people because people belonging to this number do not fear speaking up if they don’t find something appealing. Physically there is nothing that strikes someone but you do have good looking features such as a tall physique and curved nose and high eyebrows.

Personality wise, people consider you to have a strong mental capacity and commend your innovative ideas. Your independence lets you explore your creativity, through which you come up with bold ideas and thoughts. Because of your creativity and bold take on things, you can make a huge name for yourself with memorable achievements. But it is not luck that gives you all the fake, because lady luck is not in favour most of the time. It is your dedication and hard work towards everything that you do that gets recognised and appreciated.

Numerology number 7 in Career

Being able to work in a foreign country entices you very much as you usually choose jobs that will let you stay abroad. Traveling is a big thing for you in your career and you find it fairly easy to stay away from home for a long period of time as you are very independent and take smart decisions in dire situations. As you like to be the authority figure in everything, working under someone and heeding their commands does not suit you at all.

Everything you do, you put your heart and soul into it. No one can say that they have seen something similar to your work because being original is what you live for. Being kind-hearted and giving, you have the blessings of everyone you helped and will live a life of comfort and joy. Since luck is rarely with you, you do get success easily and are always struggling to make your work recognised, even if you have great potential.

People belonging to this number usually fail to get a job that they truly desire and have an unfulfilling work life. The most suitable professions for you are being a teacher or a philosopher. You can also look into acting as your career as it suits your personality of being bold and creative.

Numerology number 7 in Love

In terms of love and romantic relationships, if you belong to this number, you do not like to play games. Being in a relationship is not a joke for you and you take your lover very seriously. If you are a female, you rarely show any public display of affection, but your love shouldn’t be taken for granted as your is true and sincere. Because of your sensitive nature and your seriousness about love, there are chances that you might decide never to get married as you hide most of your affections.

You do need to understand that you have to sometimes open up about your true feelings when you are dating someone because your lofty behaviour might give them the wrong impression that you are not as interested in them as they are in you. Remember, the relationship is all about trust and communication. Without them, you cannot make a relationship work. The best numbers that are compatible with you are 3 and 5. If you are actually looking to get married, you are lucky on that front as the family you are marrying into will be extremely rich and prosperous and your in-laws will have a strong social position.

Children are not the strongest suit for you as you do not like their company, but when it comes to your own kids, you will love them with everything you have and will do anything for them. Being a self-proclaimed introvert, getting along with new people is not something you are comfortable with and you avoid strangers as much as possible. So your friend circle is not very big with only two to three people. But the good thing about it is that your small group of friends are your biggest supporters and you have a very good relationship with them. Your friends are more or less similar to you as you like intellectual and smart people who can be helpful to you and will be with you in hard times.

Strengths and Weaknesses of number 7 in Numerology

Being ruled by the planet Ketu which is the south node of the moon, there is a sense of negative energy flowing as an effect of the said planet. Ketu is referred to as the “shadow planet” and just like the name, it brings malefic effects on the people falling under it. These people will very frequently have to go through difficult times as Ketu is a hard planet to overcome. These people can suffer from mindlessness and confusion that can stray them from their path.


  • Your intellectuality surpasses everyone else as you have a brilliant mind and are sharp-witted. When involved in any project, your performance surprises everyone because of your creativity and innovation. The ideas you come up with are original and unique and you hate monotone. You have a certain interest in metaphysics and occult sciences.
  • From a very young age, your spiritual journey has begun and because of that, you are in tune with your inner self and your Psych. You are very religious and find refuge in your spiritual zone. Doing a mediocre job is not an option for you, no matter how trivial the task is. Once a topic catches your interest, you will not be satisfied until you uncover every aspect of that thing.
  • Justice is very important for you and keeping everything fair and square is your real motive. Your strict way of living gives you true meaning and purpose. You follow a routine to live your life and that gives you comfort.
  • There is a sense of comfort one feels when they are around you because you make them feel important and emphasize their emotions. Because of your intuition, you tap into their conscience and are able to help them in their healing journey.


  • The fact that you are always so closed off and keep all your feelings bottled up makes you difficult to deal with. Because of this, people around you that care for you don’t get any clear message of your true feelings which ultimately creates misunderstandings. Try opening up a bit more so that you don’t hurt those you love, even unintentionally.
  • The fact that you are highly knowledgeable and experienced is appreciated by people around you. But don’t let that fact rule you and make you look like you know it all. Try not to be as critical and opinionated about everything and let others find their own path.
  • You can be intimidating to others since you stay in your own bubble and rarely show interest in someone else’s business. People will get more interested to be with you and try to get to know you if you show them your true self and open up.

Lucky Colour and Gemstone for numerology number 7

Lucky colour of the number 7 people are most of the lighter, paler colours of the colour palette such as place yellow, light blue and light green.

To lure in luck, the people belonging to this number should use the gemstone cat's eye as it will bring them wealth, influence and confidence.

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