Pythagorean Numerology


Pythagorean Numerology: An insight into Western astrology

Pythagorean numerology is also known as Modern numerology and starts with six primary numbers. Three of these numbers are derived from the native’s birth date, and the other three come from the name. And these six numbers ideally give a clear insight into who they are and how they can improvise their lives. It basically decodes everything that lies behind the birth, date, and name of the person.

Right from a major impact to a minor one, Pythagorean numerology helps the person figure out the core meaning of their life and its purposes. Furthermore, this numerology type aids in finding out the right direction for the native with accuracy and reliability. In all, one can say that Pythagorean numerology is composed of six different variations and vibrations of numerology. However, its prime focus still remains on the vibrations that our name shall produce and its connection with the numbers.

Moreover, Pythagorean numerology focuses on six cores of numerology, which are taken from the person’s birth date and name. And the six cores described in the Pythagorean Numerology are as follows:

  • Life Path Number
  • Birth Day Number
  • First Impression Number
  • Inner Soul Number
  • Character Number
  • Expression Number

Pythagorean Alphabet Numerology Chart

The chart involves all the alphabet that is assigned to each number. This furthermore gives the person a clear perspective about their personality and helps them know what is there in the future for them. Along with it, the person’s birth date also plays a vital role in studying the skills, talents, and qualities.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Life Path Number

Life path number generally is the prime focus of the Pythagorean system. It generally forms an association with the native’s life. Also, it helps in revealing how the person’s life shall be in the future. Furthermore, these numbers help in recognizing the massive influence that a number could hold on the opportunities that would be there in the future, along with the challenges and other hurdles.

People can calculate the Life path number by simply picking up their date of birth and reducing it to a single number. The final number would be the life path number.

Birth Day Number

As the name suggests, the birth day number generally represents the birth date when a person was born. The number is reduced to a single digit. However, if the number occurs to be a master number, it remains the same. The digit in the end basically forms the significant number that shall help the natives frame their whole life. Also, it is believed that at some point in their lives, birth day number plays a major role to help them seek goodwill and much more.

First Impression Number

As the name suggests, this number generally gives an idea of how the first impression of a person would be on others. By adding the day and month of the birthday, one can know the First impression number. This number reveals how the other person would think of the native when they speak to them the very first time. Also, it helps to define how one sees himself as an individual or wishes to represent in front of others. The way a native communicates, behaves, or defines himself in front of a being for the first and foremost time is what the First impression number actually tells.

Inner Soul Number

The inner soul number is considered as the third most important Pythagorean number in numerology. Many shall know this number with the name Soul urge number, Heart desire’s number, and Soul’s desire number. It generally reveals how the person is from the inside. Considering all the vowels in the name and reducing it to a single digit, one can figure out the inner soul number. It also gives a clear glimpse of the person’s subconscious desire, which sometimes gets ignored in materialism and other engagements. Not just this, furthermore it influences the native’s professional and personal life and attracts similar people according to personality.

Character Number

As much as other numbers are vital in Pythagorean numerology, character number or personality are important too. This number is calculated by adding all the consonants in the name of the person. It is also known as the personality number and reveals how the native shall behave when they meet someone new. In simple words, it illustrates the outer personality of the person. To calculate the character number, the person has to figure out all the consonants in the name and reduce it to a single digit. That digit would be the personality number of that person.

Expression Number

The expression number is also known as the destiny number. It utilizes the full birth name to calculate it. It helps the person to know the strengths and weaknesses that they have acquired since birth. Moreover, it also aids the folks to know the hidden skills that they possess in their life. It also lets the native know about the obstacles that they may need to overcome in their lives. Along with it, the Expression number also aids in learning skills that shall act worthwhile in the life of a person to achieve their goals and aims.

Positive and negative energy of the Pythagorean numerology

Generally, people approach knowing about these numbers to figure out their compatibility with other people, friends, family, strangers, etc. Thus, possessing accurate Pythagorean numerology would help people know how harmonious their lives would be with their known ones.

However, sometimes folks don’t get along with others even if they have a compatible life path number with their loved ones. It is because each number possesses positive and negative vibes that are closely associated with all the Pythagorean numbers in numerology.

There could be a possibility that a person might help figure out the negative energy of a person as it would be what the other person shall expect and feel about the native. However, some might help seek the positive traits and expression in a native, as they perceive that kind of energy from them. So in all, once a person gets to know another one, various patterns and combinations start forming, which help the native understand and build the future accordingly.

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