Cord Cutting

कॉर्ड कटिंग

At every path of life, we share energy with fellow humans, animals, and nature. Sometimes we form attachment with a person through a relationship that do not serve ours or their highest good. Energetic bonds can happen with any chakra, or multiple chakras, within our energy body. Most of these bonds happen naturally, either with our friends, partners, family, children, co-workers or neighbors. Helpful energy bonds consist of mutual sharing, respect, trust, and love. But some chords we make with people who no longer serve a good purpose in life, but only keep us stuck to move forward in our life. The greatest example of it is a past love relationship, or a fight we had with a colleague at workplace. We carry that chord forward, and that energy reflect in our further life stages too, which not only let us move on in life, but start giving us the same kind of experiences with other people as well time and again, because of the blockage in out heart chakra that those chords form.  When this happens, cord-cutting can be beneficial to both parties involved.

Signs of Unwanted Energy Cords

-Obsessive thoughts of person, place, or thing.
-feeling of sickness or drained when you think or spend time with certain people, places, or things
-Despite cutting contact, the attachment reappears.
- Attachment may appear or come up when you go at places you have memories associated to, or you no longer do things you love doing.
-You have repeating dreams about the attachment.
-Even though you feel you've moved on from an attachment, you find scenarios or life lessons repeating in your life that just don't seem to go away. 

This becomes a karmic loop.
-You cannot find peace or forgiveness with your attachment.

Cord-cutting is done with the help of archangels and healing techniques where we call upon your guides and request them to help us cut the cords which are no longer serving the purpose for our higher good