Cosmic Integration

Average Duration: 35-40 minutes

Starting From: ₹ 1100
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What will be the benefits of Cosmic Integration?

It helps to maintain an orderly life, lead a happy and healthy life and obtain knowledge, completely involve in all the situations in life and expand our consciousness.

What is Comic Integration?

• This exalted, blissful experience comes through intuition or Samadhi.
• The lower mind is withdrawn from the external, objective world. The senses are abstracted in the mind.
• The individual mind becomes one with the cosmic mind or Hiranyagarbha or the Oversoul, the Soul of the Universe, the one common thread-soul or Sutratma.
• The function of the intellect, the objective mind and the senses are suspended.
• The Yogi becomes a living soul and sees into the life of things through his new divine eye of intuition or wisdom.

What do you experience in a session?

• This new experience bestows new enlightenment which places the experiencer on a new plane of existence.
• There is an indescribable feeling of elation and indescribable joy and Bliss. He experiences a sense of universality, a Consciousness of Eternal Life.
• It is not a mere conviction. He actually feels it. He gets the eye Celestial.

What is the duration of each session?

It takes around 35-40 mins for a session.

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