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Do you ever sit with your mother simply to talk about life and find your fears, anxiety, whoosh away? Why does that happen? Well, it is simply because of the assurance she can provide you owing to her unprecedented experience with life. We all, at some point in our lives, seek assurance. Assurance is nothing but simply sharing of experience and thoughts by the other person that make us believe that what we feel currently is no alien feeling but something that each and every one of us feel at some point in our life. And this assurance, which can be best given by a consultant or our elders, can empower and rejuvenate you to see life as it should be seen - positively.  

However, not everyone, firstly is comfortable about sharing anything and everything with their parents, and secondly, not every parent is versed with the knowledge of kundli reading that can tell you a lot about your life. Thus in such cases, a consultant is all that you need. And AstroTalk helps you with finding the best consultant who can guide you around various things inslucing your love life, carrer, sex life, financance, prperty issues, education, etc. 

Pacifying someone is the greatest thing you can do to empower them, but specifying them with the right knowledge is the next level of art. Whether you're dealing with professional life issues or personal life, AstroTalk consultation services connect you with the best astrologers, prandits and consultants, after studying your problems, you have the best advice from them and thus can align your life accordingly.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often find ourselves stressed about the choices we need to make, the relationships we share with someone, our finances and so much more. As we try to juggle these issues, we may lose our sense of sight and find ourselves stressed. And honestly, if one doesn’ have some supportive individuals around, the problem can worsen instantly, which brings its own consequences. 

In such cases, an expert advice can do you some good and you shall find this advice with the AstroTalk experts. At astroTalk, we work to guide you by not simply talking to you but after a thorough analysis of your kundli. Our kundli can reveal a lot about us including the reasons behind why you might be at your worst. For example, your struggle with finances could be the result of Rahu or Ketu camping the second house of your kundli, which is the house of finance. In such cases, the consultant could suggest remedies to rectify the malefic effects of Rahu or Ketu and once you follow these remedies, you are to see your life change for the better.

Similarly, our Kundli also highlights the life span of 108 years. These 108 years are divided among the navagrahas, for example Rahu might set 15 years out of 108, Jupiter may get 20, etc. This allocation is based on the movements of the planets. So in case you are life in a period when Rahu is ruling your life, you might have to deal with various issues. In such cases, you need to, again, find remedies to malefic the effects of Rahu. And a consultant can help you with the same. 

Honestly, why only when it comes to life problems? Online astrology consultation can also helps you in host of other things like finding how compatible you are with the one you plan to time the knot with. Or simply find the right muhurat to get married, buy a property and so much more. Have a new born baby and want to ask anything about him or her? Well, an expert consultant can help you there too. 

In a nutshell, in the 15 min call session, you can literally speak your heart out with the consultant and s/he may guide you through.


How can I book a consultation?

To book a consultation with our experts, you simply need to head to AstroMall to find the consultant section and book for yourself a session. 

What is the cost of the consultation?

AstroTalk provides you a list of astrologers that you can choose from to get the consultation. All of these astrologers carry a distinct price tag that you can choose from. 

What can I ask the consultant?

You may ask the consultant about anything you please until you are respectful. We strive to deliver a great customer experience and thus expect the same from you side too. 

Can a consultant tell me about my love life?

Yes, the consultant can tell you about your love life and even when you might get married and the qualities of the person you would be most compatible with.

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