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Feng Shui

The Chinese words Feng and Shui translate to mean wind and water. Two different forms of energies that coexist harmoniously in this world thus making life possible. The philosophy of Feng Shui is about aligning the pieces in the living space in order to create a balance with the natural world. The supreme goal here is to establish a harmony between the individuals and their natural environment. Feng Chi, as an art and science, was developed in China some 3,000 years ago. It took into account wind and water because in chinese astrology, both wind and water are associated with good health. 

Feng Chi harnesses an interaction between humans and their environments and influences these enegeris to achieve specific life improvements. These improvements range from health, wealth, relationship enhancement, balance of mind, abundance of harmony and much more. As you gain these improvements for yourself, you witness a surge in your standard of living, develop a greater bonding with your loved ones and thus leave peacefully. 

However, to attract these energies for our well being, we also need some kind of assets or say tools. The concept is very similar to gemstones. We have these chakras in our body and if these chakras are kept aligned, they keep us active, help us develop into a better version of ourselves and contribute to our overall well being. These Chakasrs, however, also need some form of energy to work. And these energies are attracted by gemstones. There are a variety of gemstones available out there that attract all sorts of energeies for us. For example Moti gemstone helps the one who faces sleeping issues or depression. Similarly, a moonga gemstone is recommended for the one who seeks peace and tranquility in their life. All the gemstones work to attract some form of energy for us. 

Likewise, we have on AstroMall various products that are proven to absorb for us the positive energies of Feng Shui. These products include Brass tortoise, laughing buddha, pair of golden swan, traveller laughing buddha and so much more. You must have heard of the spiritual popularity of these products from people around and all that you have heard of is true. 

Like gemstones, keeping these products at your home attracts positive energies for you and your family and helps in balancing the environment besides you. Like different gemstones serve different purposes, so does the Feng Shi. For example, a traveller laughing Buddha is a symbol of luck, fortune, positivity, and prosperity. It is basically a part of Feng Shui based on ancient Buddhists Monks who lived in China around the 10th century.

Similarly, the duck symbolizes clarity, family, love, vigilance, intuition, nurturing, protection, feelings, self-expression, balance, adaptation, grace, and strength. And Brass tortoise has a great significance in vastu and and a part of Feng Shui energies that balances our surroundings. 

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