Protection and Blessings Spell

प्रोटेक्शन एंड ब्लेसिंग स्पेल

What is Protection and Blessings Spell?

Protection and Blessings Spell is the process of taking up Nature’s game in the Human hands. There is some process in Occult studies, which suggests there are different dimensions in the universe, which are not visible to the human eyes. The Physics shows the quantum theory, Separating the energy and turning it into the ions is possible. There are different forms of prayers and religious beliefs in the world that try to conduct rituals to manipulate success. Same comes in the form of Spell in Occult Studies. Protection and Blessings Spell is a branch that has several methods and rituals to protect you from negative energies and make you feel blessed.

How will I be connected with astrologer? 

Once you book the order, we will connect you with astrologer on complimentary chat to interact with astrologer. You can drop your queries there. Astrologer will give you fixed timings to connect to you over 10 mins chat for session. Pls be informed that we cannot connect you over call. If you wish to discuss over call, you may choose to go for PAID call service. So, for example, astrologer is providing you 1 session, then you get 10 mins chat window.

What is the duration of an order and procedure of spell?

It depends upon the astrologer and you to take a call that how frequent you want the sessions. Since astrologer needs to perform this spell through complete ritual, astrologer usually perform the mantra chanting with full concentration in isolation (without any external disturbances). So, it is difficult for us to connect you during the session. But, after session we do connect you with astrologer to share the video of the session.


Refund Policy: It is a Non-Refundable order.