5 Mukhi Rudraksha & Firoza Tulsi Bracelet

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This Bracelet is the combination of 5 Mukhi rudraksha beads  and Firoza Tulsi Beads. Both the type of beads have different significance.


The 5 Mukhi rudraksha (Five Faced Rudraksha ) is one of the most popular forms of rudraksha that symbolises prosperity and success in life. Out of all the Rudraksha trees produced, the 5 Mukhi is the highest in number. The best quality rudraksha is found in Nepal.  It is governed by Kaal Agni Rudra form of Lord Shiva. It is known for releasing the person from all kinds of unwanted bonds in life and fulfils the desires of the wearer over time. It destroys all kinds of evil spells or possession surrounding the wearer as it is infused with the immense power of Lord Shiva.

Firoza Tulsi:

The Torquous Stone is also Known as Firoza Stone. It is used to strengthen Planet Jupiter.

Price: 1,000.00