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Why Yantras?

Benefits of Yantra

While many of us are well versed with the benefits of gemstones or a rudraksha mala, however, we often tend to ignore the usefulness of Yantra in astrology. To be very honest, on a regular basis, our astrologers bump into people who are devoid of the knowledge on how a yantra can really change their life. 

As humans, we all perceive success differently. While for some earning loads of money is what they call success,meanwhile, for others, success could simply be being able to buy a small home in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, for each and every one of us, the underlying desire for success remains constant. Thankfully, the yogis of ancient India realised this and thus created certain things to aid us to reach our goals. And one among those is a yantra. So with the being said, the question must arise:

What is a yantra?

A Yantra is simply a kind of machine. To understand it better, take the example of a calculator. A calculator, though a result of the human intellect, is yet favoured when we need to do a tough calculation. Here, a Calculator is a Yantra. Having a Yantra doesn't mean you are incapable. The fact is that you, as a human, need rest, you will feel tired and will also feel sad. But a Yantra, being a machine, is deprived of any such emotions. It can aid your body at all times, including at moments when you are not functioning properly. All the spiritual places in the world, be it a Temple, a Mosque, Gurdwara or a Church, are a form of Yantra. They let you connect with the divine easily and enjoy his blessings. 

In a more spiritual and astrological term, Yantra is a tool or a diagram with a sacred geometrical or symmetrical design which emits cosmic energies. Yantra is usually favoured as it helps in keeping our surroundings charged with positive vibes. Moreover, there are many more benefits of yantra that have been discussed below. 

If you break the word Yantra, here 'Yan' means to control or influence and 'Tra' means a tool. Any cosmic power that exists in this world is three dimensional but is displayed in two dimensional form in a yantra. All the Yantras we have knowledge about today carry their unique significance. For example, a Swastika is also a Yantra that signifies prosperity, fortune and spirituality. Another popular yantra is a Shatkona yantra that signifies masculinity and is associated with Shiva. Meanwhile, a triangle facing downward is a yantra that signifies Shakti. 

Then there are so many other types of Yantra that you can find on AstroMall like Guru Yantra, Shani Yantra (especially if you have many enemies in your life), Buddha Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Parvati Yantra, Meru Prushth Shree Yantra and many more. 

Significance and benefits of Yantras

Yantras have been in existence since 3300 BC, i.e. the age of Harappa Civilization. In the excavation at the Harappan sites, we have found what we call Pashupati seals, and many such seals are some form of Yantras. Moreover, the benefits of Yantras are so renowned from the fact that you are likely to find many temples in south India that take their architectural inspiration from Yantras.

What yantra to have entirely depends on the type of energy you seek to create around yourself. If you seek to enhance your well being, you shall get yourself the Bhairavi Yantra. This yantra is especially recommended for the ones in business or a job as it will help keep ideas flowing. 

All the planets occupy a certain house in your Kundli. These houses in your Kundli signify different aspects of your life like love, money, enemies, beauty, business and much more. With time and process, these planets shift from one house to another and thus bring their nature to that particular house. For example, if Rahu, as a planet, is camping in a house that deals with enemies, then you are most likely to win over your enemies. However, if Rahu camps the house that controls finance, then you shall witness for yourself a plunge in your earning. Thus to ensure the shifting of planets doesn’t affect your life much, astrologers recommend yantras like Shani yantra or Rahu Yantra. 

Other benefits of yantra are:

  • Having a yantra that balances the energy and vibrations around us helps in spreading positive energy and finding internal peace. Thus Yantras are especially recommended for students. 
  • A Yantra like a Dhanvantri Yantra is said to cure physical issues. This is done as the yantra synchronizes the energies in your body, thus balancing the chakras and helping you deal with physical issues.  
  • If you pious self like praying daily but in the hurry of life; fail too, then keeping a yantra with yourself can compensate for the loss as you can use it anywhere.
  • If you are dealing with any kind of health issues, then Maha Mrityunjaya yantra is the one for you. The energies reeking of this yantra will help you fight diseases and related complexities.   
  • Any sort of Vastu dosh you might be dealing with can be rectified if you get yourself a yantra suggested by an astrologer. 
  • Yantras can also enhance the positive effects of your Lagna and thus can benefit you across many aspects of life including wealth, beauty, relationships and more. 
  • If you are prone to financial problems or simply seek to keep the flow of finance constant in your life, then you can get yourself the Kuber yantra. Lord Kuber helps in mitigating financial losses. 
  • Yantras like Pratyangira Yantra and Sudarshan Yantra can keep black magic or evil nazar from you, your family or your belongings away.   

Yantras, like we said, are a type of machine with cosmic energies that can make your life better. However, machines, if not used in the right way, can become a cause of destruction. And the same goes for yantra. Yantras are a powerhouse of energies that you may or may not need. Thus before you buy a yantra, you must always consult an astrologer. 

At AstroTalk, we not only help you find the Yantra you need to make your life better but also are available to recommend how to use these for yourself. Before you plan to buy a yantra, you can simply ring and talk to astrologer and get answers to questions like where should you keep a particular yantra, or even what yantra to buy? The well-versed astrologer on AstroTalk, after looking at your Kundli, can help you with such information.

Also, even if you are starting a new business or simply purchasing a house or a car, we do recommend you get yourself a yantra as it will bring you prosperity and protect your belongings from harm.

If you want to buy shree yantra online, sphatik shri yantra, vastu yantra, vastu dosh nivaran yantra, vastu yantra for home and many more other useful yantras, you just need to place order online on AstroTalk and we will provide you with quality products.

Yantras - FAQs

What is a yantra?

A yantra is simply a tool or a diagram with a sacred geometrical or symmetrical design which emits cosmic positive energies. Yantra is usually procured by people to ensure their surroundings are charged with positive vibes, which is the result of Yantra helping in balancing your Chakras.  

What yantra should I get to better my financial status?

To better your financial status, AstroTalk’s astrologer suggests that you must get yourself the Kuber Yantra. However, if Rahu is camping the house in your Kundli that rules over monetary prospects, then you can also get the Rahu yantra. 

What yantra should I get to avert my health problems? 

Our astrologers suggest that you must get yourself the Maha Mrityunjaya yantra to fight diseases and any such related complexities.   

Where should I keep a yantra?

A yantra can be kept in your pooja space or even your purse. However, you must ensure that the place you keep the yantra must be neat and tidy. 

Does direction matter when it comes to placing a yantra?

Yes, directions do matter when it comes to placing a yantra. Each yantra deals with a different aspect and thus seeks to be placed in a distinct position. Check with the astrologer in what direction to keep the yantra that you might have purchased. 

What does the Ganesh yantra do?

Ganesh Yantra helps you in overcoming obstacles. Ganesh will also help to create prosperity.

What does the Laxmi or Lakshmi Yantra do?

The Laxmi (Lakshmi) Yantra brings eternal prosperity for the native and his/her family.

Does the texture on which the yantra is carved matters?  

Yes, the texture does matter. For example, gold is a charged metal as we extract it from the ground. Like gemstones, gold too has some form of energy within it. Meanwhile paper lacks any such energy. Thus a yantra carved on metals like gold or silver would charge faster than one carved on paper.

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