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This is Bhumi Shah. I am Tarot card reader, Graphologist ( Hand writing and drawing analyst) and a Numerologist having experience of 10 years. My areas of specialisation are Marriage match making, Relationship issues, Career guidance and counseling ,Health guidance, Investment guidance to name a few. From early age I was always interested in spiritual science which led me to learn Graphology and then Tarot cards, Numerology, Angel Therapy ,Switch word therapy and reiki healing, crystal healing to name a few. My strong aspects in this field are my connecting power and I try to confirm my predictions and analysis by atleast two to three different techniques due which the accuracy of my clairvoyance and intuitions have been pretty accurate with my clients base. I strongly believe in karma and make people realise that karma always plays its role in a person's life, spiritual science helps you in guiding and helping to take right decision or helps in overcoming obstacles in life. My remedies are not limited to old methods of pooja but I try to give simple and innocent remedies which incurs no expense or else if possible give logical solutions through drawing and change of hand writing, switch word therapy, angel therapy to name a few.



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