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The Cancer and Libra Signs seek a secure, assured relationship and will enjoy their shared appreciation for beauty and luxury — especially when it comes to their domestic environment. These two can blend their energies harmoniously if they choose to work toward a common goal. Though this pairing may progress more slowly than some others, and at first, they may fear that they have little else in common than their mutual needs for companionship and love of beauty. When Cancer and Libra make a love match, they give to one another important things that each lacks. Cancer can become obsessive about alone time. When Libra is moving from one social circle to another, Cancer senses a waning attraction! The song “Don’t You Forget About Me,” is an ugly ear-worm playing in Cancer’s head. Meanwhile, limelight loving Libra hears Lady Gage’s “I live for the applause!” It’s best if the parties in this love affair assume nothing.


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Libras are romantic and seductive but Cancers are warm and sexual. Both of them are usually attracted by people who are also romantic and flirt with no boundaries. Alluring and charming, they may find themselves having more admirers than they have planned. Libras like it when someone shares what happened in his or her life with them. Adventures and stories from work is what makes them tick. Cancer is a slow-moving personality, preferring to play things by ear and going with the flow. Libra is an on-the-go energetic personality. They prefer to keep the pace of Libra-Cancer sexual relationship lively. They must meet in the middle when it comes to the pace their sexual connection takes. What’s allowable on the acceptable menu of sexual moves will depend on what they find agreeable. Cancer and Libra are at opposite ends of the spectrum regarding bedroom preferences. Libra prefers an excellent physical connection before plunging into emotions. Cancer prefers an emotional connection before becoming uninhibited in a physical sense.


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The Cancer and Libra bond is sweet. But there is a chance it will sour if they aren’t careful. While having commonalities empowers this pair, differences threaten to separate them. For one thing, Cancer is a total introvert. They love being at home and raising a family. Like the crab, they prefer the comfort of their shell. If they could, Cancer would carry their home around with them wherever they go. Libra, on the other hand, is a social bug. The Libra personality is the epitome of an extrovert. They love socializing with their huge circle of friends and acquaintances. Cancer is quiet and moody. Libra is outspoken and chipper. In this regard, the parties in the Cancer and Libra friendship are like night and day. Differences, when not embraced by both, end up being a real sore spot in the Cancer and Libra friendship. When Libra wants to talk things out, Cancer is apt to hide true feelings. When Cancer is sulking or in a bad mood, Libra will want to turn that frown upside down. It’s easy for Cancer and Libra to irritate one another.


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Libra and Cancer will be attracted to each other, which heightens the respect they have for one another all the more. Libra finds Cancer amusing and enjoyable to be with, especially the way they entertain them with their sense of humour and wild ideas. While Libra brings the relationship to a higher level of intimacy and harmony, Cancer sees to it that Libra gets all the patience and love they need. However, when it comes to communication, Libra and Cancer communication may overwhelm each other. Libra may come to disregard Cancer's feelings, especially when they are too engrossed in weighing the pros and cons of situations. On the contrary, Cancer can be a bit of a nag. Amidst the odds, this is actually their way of showing their concern, which, unfortunately, Libra will not understand and appreciate. Nonetheless, if Libra and Cancer push through the similarities they share and focus on fixing what needs to be fixed, then the relationship they have will actually progress in a positive way.


The relationship between Libra and Cancer brings satisfaction and fulfilment, but it is probably one of the most challenging relationships within the zodiac signs. Libras are more logical and precise, whereas Cancer is more attuned to their emotions. However, both manage to balance their differences to make things work out between them. What this relationship need is for Libra and Cancer to accept and learn from each other. Libra, amidst Cancer's pessimistic outlook, must learn to appreciate their other sides, such as Cancer's creativity, intuition, and love for their family and friends. Cancer must see past Libra's critical mind, and try to appreciate how they instil time management and their battle against inequality and prejudice. Finally, when things do not go well between them, Libra must not take things too seriously the way Cancer would because of their sensitivity. It is better if both focus on the positivity of their relationship as it can bring them a notch higher to great possibilities they can share together.

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