Hindu Calendar 2023: Hindu Festivals, Holidays & Vrats 2023


The Hindu calendar enlists a list of festivals, events, and fasts that occurs during the year. Most of these festivals get determined depending on the placement of the Sun and the Moon. The Hindu calendar 2023 mostly depends on the Lunisolar calendar. Furthermore, the Hindu festivals 2023 and vrats are also determined on the basis of the location. Thus, they might vary from one place to another.

The Hindu calendar is also known as the Hindu Vrat or Tyohar calendar. Below we have listed all the festivals, Vrats, and other events or Parv as per the Hindu calendar 2023. Some of these Tyohar include significant fasts to praise the deities, while many involve mythological connections with it.

Ahead, the Hindu calendar doesn’t have the festivals and occasions on a fixed date. However, it never applies to all festivals, occasions, or vrats. In the Hindu calendar 2023, festivals depend on the occurrence of the Full Moon. On the other hand, some festivals vary depending on the changes in the Moon’s state, like Diwali, Holi, Maha Shivaratri, etc.

The Hindu months in the calendar

In the Hindu calendar, the year gets counted from the Saka Era. In the calendar, one Saka marks the start of the vernal equinox. The normal days possess 365 days, while leap years have 366 days. In the Hindu calendar, an intercalary day gets added at the end of the month Chaitra. To find out the leap years in the Hindu calendar, you need to add 78 to the Saka year. So, if the sum gets evenly divided by the number 4, the year turns out to be a leap year.

Lunar Months Solar Months Days in the month Connection with the Gregorian calendar
Chaitra Meena 30 Begins on March 22
Vaisakha Mesha 31 Begins on April 21
Jyaistha Vrishabh 31 Begins on May 22
Asadha Mithuna 31 Begins on June 22
Sravana Karka 31 Begins on July 23
Bhadra Simha 31 Begins on August 23
Asvina Kanya 30 Begins on September 23
Kartika Tula 30 Begins on October 23
Agrahayana Vrishchika 30 Begins on November 22
Pausa Dhanu 30 Begins on December 22
Magha Makara 30 Begins on January 21
Phalguna Kumbha 30 Begins on February 20

Weekdays in the Hindu calendar

Hindi Weekday Name English Weekday Name Significance
Ravivaar Sunday Day of Sun
Somvaar Monday Day of Moon
Mangalvaar Tuesday Day of Mars
Budhvaar Wednesday Day of Mercury
Guruvaar Thursday Day of Jupiter
Shukravaar Friday Day of Venus
Shanivaar Saturday Day of Saturn

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Festivals and occasions in Hindu calendar 2023

Go through the month-wise Hindu calendar of the New Year 2023 at Astrotalk with all the important festivities and holidays along with the Ekadashi, Purnima, Amavasya, and much more:

Hindu Festivals and Vrats in January 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Monday, January 2 Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
Friday, January 6 Pausha Purnima
Tuesday, January 10 Sakat Chauth
Sunday, January 15 Makar Sankranti
Wednesday, January 18 Shatilla Ekadshi
Friday, January 20 Masik Shivaratri
Saturday, January 21 Mauni Amavasya
Thursday, January 26 Vasant Panchami
Saturday, January 28 Rath Saptami
Saturday, January 28 Bhishma Ashtami

Vrats and Hindu Festivals in February 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Wednesday, February 1 Jaya Ekadashi
Sunday, February 5 Magha Purnima
Thursday, February 9 Sankashti Chaturthi
Monday, February 13 Kumbha Sankranti
Thursday, February 16 Vijaya Ekadashi
Saturday, February 18 Mahashivratri
Monday, February 20 Somavati Amavasya

Hindu Festivals and Vrats in March 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Friday, March 3 Amalaki Ekadashi
Tuesday, March 7 Holika Dahan/Phalgun Purnima
Wednesday, March 8 Holi
Saturday, March 11 Sankashti Chaturthi
Wednesday, March 15 Basoda/Sheetla Ashtami
Saturday, March 18 Papmochani Ekadashi
Monday, March 20 Masik Shivaratri
Tuesday, March 21 Chaitra Amavasya
Wednesday, March 22 Chaitra Navratri
Friday, March 24 Gangaur/Gauri Pooja
Monday, March 27 Yamuna Chhath
Thursday, March 30 Ram Navami
Friday, March 31 Chaitra Navratri Parana

Hindu Festivals and Vrats in April 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Saturday, April 1 Kamada Ekadashi
Thursday, April 6 Hanuman Jayanti/Chaitra Purnima
Sunday, April 9 Sankashti Chaturthi
Friday, April 14 Mesha Sankranti/Solar New Year
Sunday, April 16 Varuthini Ekadashi
Tuesday, April 18 Masik Shivaratri
Thursday, April 20 Surya Grahan Sankarita
Saturday, April 22 Akshaya Tritiya
Thursday, April 27 Ganga Saptami
Saturday, April 29 Sita Navami

Hindu Vrats and Festivals in May 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Monday, May 1 Mohini Ekadashi
Friday, May 5 Chandra Grahan Upchaya/Vaishakh Purnima
Saturday, May 6 Narada Jayanti
Monday, May 8 Sankashti Chaturthi
Monday, May 15 Vrishabh Sankranti/Apara Ekadashi
Wednesday, May 17 Masik Shivaratri
Friday, May 19 Shani Jayanti/Vat Savitri Vrat
Tuesday, May 30 Ganga Dussehra
Wednesday, May 31 Nirjala Ekadashi

Vrats and Hindu Festivals in June 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Saturday, June 3 Vat Purnima Vrat
Sunday, June 4 Jyeshtha Purnima
Wednesday, June 7 Sankashti Chaturthi
Wednesday, June 14 Yogini Ekadashi
Thursday, June 15 Mithuna Sankranti
Friday, June 16 Masik Shivaratri
Tuesday, June 20 Jagannath Rath Yatra
Thursday, June 29 Devshayani Ekadashi/Ashadi Ekadashi

Hindu Fasts and Festivals in July 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Monday, July 3 Guru Purnima/Ashadha Purnima
Thursday, July 6 Sankashti Chaturthi
Thursday, July 13 Kamika Ekadashi
Saturday, July 15 Masik Shivaratri
Sunday, July 16 Karka Sankranti
Monday, July 17 Somavati Amavasya
Saturday, July 29 Padmini Ekadashi

Hindu Fasts and Festivals in August 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Tuesday, August 1 Shravana Adhika Purnima
Friday, August 4 Sankashti Chaturthi
Saturday, August 12 Parama Ekadashi
Monday, August 14 Masik Shivaratri
Thursday, August 17 Simha Sankranti
Saturday, August 19 Hariyali Teej
Monday, August 21 Nag Panchami
Friday, August 25 Varlakshmi Vrat
Sunday, August 27 Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
Tuesday, August 29 Onam/Thiruvonam
Wednesday, August 30 Raksha Bandhan
Thursday, August 31 Gayatri Jayanti
Thursday, August 31 Shravana Purnima

Hindu Festivals and Vrats in September 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Saturday, September 2 Kajari Teej
Sunday, September 3 Sankashti Chaturthi
Wednesday, September 6 Janmashtami Samarta
Thursday, September 7 Janmashtami
Sunday, September 10 Aja Ekadashi
Wednesday, September 13 Masik Shivaratri
Thursday, September 14 Bhadrapada Amavasya
Sunday, September 17 Vishwakarma Puja/Kanya Sankranti
Monday, September 18 Hartalika Teej
Tuesday, September 19 Ganesh Chaturthi
Wednesday, September 20 Rishi Panchami
Saturday, September 23 Radha Ashtami
Monday, September 25 Parsva Ekadashi
Tuesday, September 26 Gauna Parsva Ekadashi
Thursday, September 28 Ganesha Visarjan
Thursday, September 28 Anant Chaturdashi
Friday, September 29 Pitrupaksha Begins
Friday, September 29 Bhadrapada Purnima

Hindu Festivals and Vrats in October 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Monday, October 2 Sankashti Chaturthi
Tuesday, October 10 Indira Ekadashi
Thursday, October 12 Masik Shivaratri
Saturday, October 14 Surya Grahan Valayakara
Saturday, October 14 Ashwin Amavasya
Sunday, October 15 Navratri Begins
Wednesday, October 18 Tula Sankranti
Friday, October 20 Saraswati Avahan
Friday, October 20 Kalparambha
Saturday, October 21 Navpatrika Pooja
Saturday, October 21 Saraswati Pooja
Sunday, October 22 Durga Pooja Ashtami
Monday, October 23 Durga Maha Navami Pooja
Tuesday, October 24 Dussehra/Vijayadashami
Wednesday, October 25 Papankusha Ekadashi
Saturday, October 28 Kojagara Pooja
Saturday, October 28 Sharad Purnima/Ashwina Purnima
Sunday, October 29 Chandra Grahan Anshika

Hindu Festivals and Vrats in November 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Wednesday, November 1 Sankashti Chaturthi
Wednesday, November 1 Karwa Chauth
Sunday, November 5 Ahoi Ashtami
Thursday November 9 Govatsa Dwadashi
Thursday November 9 Rama Ekadashi
Friday, November 10 Dhanteras
Saturday, November 11 Kali Chaudas
Saturday, November 11 Masik Shivaratri
Sunday, November 12 Diwali/Lakshmi Pooja/Narak Chaturdashi
Tuesday, November 14 Goverdhan Pooja
Friday, November 17 Vrischika Sankranti
Sunday, November 19 Chhath Pooja
Wednesday, November 22 Kansa Vadh
Thursday, November 23 Devutthana Ekadashi
Friday, November 24 Tulsi Vivah
Monday, November 27 Kartika Purnima

Hindu Fasts and Festivals in December 2023

Day and Date Occasion
Tuesday, December 5 Kalabhairav Jayanti
Friday, December 8 UtpannaEkadashi
Monday, December 11 Masik Shivaratri
Saturday, December 16 Dhanu Sankranti
Sunday, December 17 Vivah Panchami
Friday, December 22 Gita Jayanti/Moksha Ekadashi
Saturday, December 23 Gauna Mokshada Ekadashi
Tuesday, December 26 Dattatreya Jayanti
Tuesday, December 26 Margashirsha Purnima
Saturday, December 28 Sankashti Chaturthi

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Lunar time of the Hindu calendar 2023

Following the Lunisolar calendar, the Hindu calendar considers the Sun’s and sea’s movement from the Earth. Speaking of the lunar months in the year 2023, they exist at the same time it takes the Moon to move around the Sun. Furthermore, the lunar days in the Hindu calendar 2023 are 30.

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Because of the waxing and waning nature of the Moon, they are divided into two divisions— the waning part of the Moon are the dark days leading to Amavasya, and the waxing part of the Moon encompasses the bright days leading to Purnima. Moreover, the northern and southern parts of the country also impact the calendar of 2023. From North India, the start of the month begins on a Full Moon. But, for South Indians, the days begin one day after it.

Solar time of the Hindu calendar 2023

Just like the lunar months depends on the lunar cycle or the Moon cycle, the solar months and days are marked by sunrise time. Moreover, the solar months depend on the Hindu zodiac signs. These zodiac signs depend on the different periods the planet Sun moves through them.

Solar months and days in the Hindu calendar 2023 are the ones people across the country as part of the Hindu calendar. They are regarded as the civil months. Meanwhile, the Moon side determines the festive and regional holidays.

Elements of the Hindu calendar

Hindu calendars depend on astrological calculations too. The major five elements of this calendar are:

Yoga: Yogas are considered as part of the merged longitudes of the planet Sun and Moon. Each of them measures about 13° 20`. These Yogas are pretty parallel to the Hindu idols and human nature.

Karana: Karana illustrates one-half of the lunar side. Like the Yogas, Karana reflects different aspects of human behavior.

Nakshatra: Nakshatras means the lunar mansion and are the points found in the Moon’s orbit, possessing the same calculation as the Yoga of 13°20`.

Tithi: A tithi is an occupied time by the Moon extending its gap from the Sun by 12 degrees. It is the exact time when the Moon begins to move eastward from the planet Sun, post Amavasya, leaving the Sub behind, and the first Tithi ends.

Vaara: The weekdays’ names are after the planet's name in astrology. Thus, they are Aadi, Soma, Mangala, Buddh, Guru, Shukra, and Shani. The moment of the New Moon is known as the Amavasya and the Full Moon is known as the Purnima.

Importance of Hindu calendar 2023

The Hindu calendar is a combined effort of many scholars from ancient times. Interestingly, the first-ever mention of the term was in the Vedas. This format of the calendar works on viewing combined information concluded from the Moon and Sun cycle. Because of the same cause, this Hindu calendar is the lunisolar calendar, which ahead provides the Indian calendar with multiple directions.

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Interestingly, there are many variations of the Hindu calendar. However, we majorly follow the one with Hindu months, along with the lunisolar calendar. The importance of the Hindu calendar is more than just figuring out the festivals and other events all through the year.

The Hindu calendar 2023 starts a little later after the financial year and before the academic year (around a delay of 13 to 15 days). If we see the Solar months, the same happens in the zodiac sign Aries or Mesha month. Ahead, in the Hindu calendar 2023, you shall notice that sometimes a month gets added or deducted. But, the odds of that happening are once in a blue moon.

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Hindu Calendar FAQ 2023

Is the Hindu calendar correct to see events and festivals?

Unlike the Gregorian calendar, the Hindu calendar keeps the integrity of the Moon cycle and the lunar months and days. It also inserts an extra month once every 32 to 33 months.

What festivals depend on the lunar cycle of the Hindu calendar?

Festivals like Holi, Ganesha Chaturthi, Dussehra, Diwali, Maha Shivaratri, etc., depending on the lunar cycle of the Hindu calendar. They vary each year depending on the cycle of the Moon. However, in some of the festivities, the solar one also plays a vital role.

Why sometimes does the Hindu calendar have thirteen months?

Sometimes the Sun crosses a zodiac sign. It presides prior to the lunar month culminating, approaching it to be removed and repeated in one year.

What are the seasons in the Hindu calendar?

As per the Hindu calendar, there are six seasons in the Hindu calendar. These seasons are— Vasant Ritu (Spring), Grishma Ritu (Summer), Varsha Ritu (Monsoon), Sharad Ritu (Autumn), Hemant Ritu (Pre-winter), and Shishir Ritu (Winter).

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