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Vastu Shastra: The science of architecture

A well-created layout of your house could become the reason for your lifelong happiness. Sounds impressive, isn't it?

Vastu Shastra helps us in the same. Curious architectural science encapsulates all forces acting on a given space via the flow of optimistic energy. Applying correct Vastu tips shall help you get a precise blueprint to attract prosperity to the natives and remove all negative vibes. Originated in India, it has spread worldwide, making people look after the directions and placements of certain things before construction.

Vastu Shastra moreover helps boost the appropriate vibrations that the place possesses and wear off any wrong eye that lies upon the same. Any person who comes in contact with that particular place also gets involved with the same vibes, leading to a healthy inner-self, mind, body and soul. In the ancient days, Hindus and Buddhists believed in forming things as per Vastu. However, in the modern era, almost all the communities have adapted the Vastu science in astrology to attract positivity and well-being in their lives.

As per Vastu, entering a place that is not made according to vastu makes you a victim of several issues. For example, you may feel suffocated, attract negative energies of the place, become unhealthy, feel suffocated, have emotional troubles, etc. Getting a Vastu-compliant house helps eliminate all these issues and provides you with a better experience in multiple ways.

How does Vastu Shastra work?

Vastu Shastra works on three vital principles of formations that envelop the whole premise. The first and the foremost one is Bhogadya. It illustrates that the designed premises must lend themselves to effortless application and be helpful. The second one is Sukha Darsha. In this, the organized belief should be aesthetically pleasing. The division of the spaces and the raw material used in the exteriors and interiors of the building, including the colours, sizes of doors and windows, rooms, and rhythms of depressions and projections, must be beautiful. The last one is Ramya. It is where the formed premises must evoke a sense of well-being in the native.

Moreover, Vastu believes that two main forces exist equally and are opposite. This interaction combines and forms a bioforce— Prana, which a native requires to live. Out of these forces, one is fine and subtle, while the other is dense and dark. In other words, we can say that one force is positive and the other one is negative. Of course, the intensity of these forces forming the Vastu of the place might not be the same. But, the interaction of these forces is continuous.

History of Vastu Shastra

In Indian civilization, Vastu Shastra is one of the oldest practices. For ages, it has been aiding in the rich heritage of the people and has developed discipline using traditional knowledge and study of nature. People had been removing the negative energies from their life using the gravitational force with the magnetic one. During construction, people use all these elements to nourish their lives and make things better for them spiritually.

Five elements of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is composed of five elements. They have their specific meaning and role. Also, their workability in architecture is immense.

Earth (Bhumi)

Bhumi or Earth has its magnetic force and is composed of poles of the centre of attractions— North and South. Formed of the landscapes, flora, fauna, and land, it also provides local construction raw material along with their workability. Bhumi poojan is, therefore, done to wear off the negative energies from the land construction that needs to be done.

Water (Jal)

It is represented by river, sea, rain, and other water bodies along with other forms of water. Moreover, it is composed of part of every animal and plant. Also, the physical life and habitat represent water. Therefore, it is valid for all the eco-cultures and life forms. The form, pattern, and life type depend on the water and Earth's correlation.

Air (Vayu)

It illustrates a life-supporting element. Formed of multiple elements along with dust particles, humidity, etc., are divided into appropriate proportions. It also deals with the entire body surface via the skin, blood, system, and respiration. Furthermore, it also signifies movement, and its purity is one of the most important aspects of a good brain, body, and blood.

Fire (Aag)

It illustrates heat, and Sun is considered the leading source of the same. Right from the concept of day and night to seasons, Sun is an excellent source of enthusiasm, vigour, and passion. It provides the natives with mental well-being and is a prime energy source. It also offers visual development and behaves as a great source of vitality. Different zones with variable climates have distinctive cultures, and Sun adds to their natural progress.

Space (Akash)

The elements mentioned above are skilful makers of emotionally pleasant, intellectually determinant shelter and habit. These elements provide physical comfort and blissful space— with forces, heat, light, magnetic field, flora and fauna, etc. These all form an ideal habitat to live abundantly and evolve accordingly.

As Vastu Shastra works on these following elements, a person can improve the effectiveness of positive energy in his life by removing the Vastu-related issues or Vastu Dosha.

Vastu directions and their effects

Each direction and its impact on Vastu Shastra have its significance and importance.

East Direction

The Sun rules the East direction. Natives must remember to keep the East direction open and let the light sink in as it would attract affluence and prosperity. In case of any issue regarding the East direction, disputes arise between the father and son, and many other problems occur about health.

West Direction

Saturn rules the West direction in Vastu Shastra. If there are troubles in the West direction, electrical appliances won't function well. With it, family members would suffer from air-borne diseases and pain in the legs and bones.

North Direction

Mercury rules the North direction and illustrates money, wealth, and profits. If the direction is under negative energies, problems like financial troubles, nose and throat diseases, etc. Also, natives might go through constant hurdles.

South Direction

Mars rules the South direction. It deals with legal matters and relations. So if there arises any troubles or Vastu Dosha, people may go through issues like obstacles in legal matters and problems with elder brothers. There are even possibilities that family members might go through blood-related diseases, too.

North-East (Ishan) Direction

Jupiter is the ruler of this direction. It is considered the purest and most untainted direction. As per Vastu Shastra, the Ishan Kon is governed by Gods. People must remember that they don't get their washrooms or keep dirty things or garbage in this direction. Any Vastu Dosha in this direction might lead to wealth deterioration and family problems. Married men and women may go through issues in their marriage, and other health-related problems could be there too.

North-West (Vayavya) Direction

Moon is the ruler of the North-West direction. If there are some issues, there are possibilities that people might suffer from disputes with neighbours, and the mother's health in the house shall degrade most of the time. There are even chances that unmarried females might face delays in marriage. Also, mental stress, cough, cold, etc., could be there.

South-East (Agneya) Direction

Venus is the ruler of the Agneya direction and governs the fire element. Thus, one must remember to construct a kitchen in this direction. If there is Vastu Dosha in the South-East direction, constant issues shall be in the house. Women in the home might feel a decline in their health. Married couples would also feel troubles like misunderstanding, disputes, and conflicts. There could also be a misunderstanding with tenants. Other medical issues like uterus, diabetes, etc., could be there too.

South-West (Nairutya) Direction

Rahu governs the South-West direction. People must make their master bedroom in the Nairutya direction. Defects in this direction might lead to Pitru Dosha and problems related to the maternal and paternal sides. Moreover, chances of theft also increase, and family members become prone to accidents, diseases, brain-related issues, etc.

Brahma Sthana

As the name suggests, Lord Brahma rules it. The middle part of your house is the Brahma Sthana and must be kept spacious, accessible, and clean. Vastu Dosha here creates obstacles in life, and illness occurs too often in the family. If situations worsen, natives might get under the influence of paranormal issues. Therefore, the Brahma Sthana must be light and free.

Vastu Shastra and astrology

The connection between Vastu and astrology is eternal. Both the branches are interconnected and help people on a one-on-one level. If someone constructs their house as per Vastu and incorporates concepts of astrology like Shubh Muhurat, the combination attracts positivity and abundance. People shall be able to wear off ill vibes and undesirable influences from their construction place.

Furthermore, Vastu says that the Northeast portion of the construction site is the solar half, while the Southwest is recognized as the lunar half. People must remember that the solar half must be kept lower than the lunar half of the place. It allows optimal division of the Sun rays, polar energy, and solar radiation along with joy, happiness, and pleasure if done at a proper time and place with the advice of an astrologer.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

Using Vastu Shastra, people can perform multiple things. Natives can figure out the favourable and unfavourable outcomes using the Vastu Vidya. Also, it would help in determining the appropriate length, width, direction, etc. Along with it, it also helps in the following ways:

  • It helps in driving cosmic energy to the place of living or working. Moreover, you can easily harmonize the five elements of Vastu. Also, with appropriate Vastu tips, you can succeed in education, career, finances, and other endeavours.
  • With it, you shall achieve love in relationships and harmony in different areas of your life.
  • Vastu is also important to trump the issues that exist in your life. With appropriate Vastu, you can grow spiritually and improvise yourself in multiple ways.
  • People can maximize their warm vibes in their lives and construction places as Vastu Shashtra aids in doing the same.
  • From household furniture to multiple décor items, you can change and correct the Vastu in your life.
  • Appropriate Vastu also ensures a free flow of positive energy, abundance, and positive energy in the life of the natives.
  • Vastu significance increases as it helps to convert efficiency and creativity into a vibrant ambience, providing an infusion of dynamism and goodwill.
  • The appropriate approach of Vastu science combines all the natural energy sources and maximizes the sound effects.
  • Fixing the Vastu flaws also helps thousands of people suffering from troubles in daily life. Moreover, it aids them in eliminating all the blockages and obstacles in life. It corrects their living space and makes people become established beings in their way.

Importance of Vastu in Modern Architecture

The current generation has started accepting the significance of the ancient construction practices set by Lord Brahma, including the five elements of nature. Incorporating the Vastu science in today's construction has helped people get over the economic and environmental scenarios. Along with it, people have started incorporating contemporary ideas with ancient ones to eliminate all the issues and troubles people face in their daily lives.

Moreover, along with basic amenities, people also look for Vastu-specific places so that they can attract health, wealth, peace, and abundance. Thus, their prime goal is to have a place that helps them grow in life.

Vastu tips and remedies

Vastu Shastra FAQs

Does Vastu Shastra affect the life of the tenants?

Vastu does affect the lives of people living in rental spaces. As much as it would affect the owner, it shall affect them. However, with easy Vastu remedies, people can wear these ill impacts away from their life. But, it might not be easy to implement the Vastu tips on the rental house as it would be with your own house.

What facing is considered best when buying a flat?

Generally, the Northeast and East direction facing the house is known best for the flat's entrance. As per Vastu Shastra, these directions attract good luck and positive vibes in the life of the people living in that space.

Does Vastu Shastra apply on the first floor?

Yes, Vastu applies to all floors and all types of buildings. However, people must remember to make the first floor of the place face the Southwest direction. Also, people must leave the Northern and the Eastern side open. However, if you have a building of 2-3 floors, this direction guideline doesn't apply. But, remember to make the balconies on the North and East side.

Which direction is considered bad for the house?

South direction is taken as an inauspicious direction for the house construction. It is so because people believe that Lord Yama lies here. According to astrology, he is considered the Lord of Death.

What happens if the Northwest direction is cut?

As per Vastu Vidya, a cut in the Northwest corner leads the family members into legal issues. Moreover, it can lead the natives to multiple health issues too.

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