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Vastu Shastra for home is to develop an understanding of Vastu's primary and traditional means, differentiating them from the modern form of house construction. Moreover, it allows you to set your home in a manner that would welcome positivity and well-being in your life and of the family members living there. Generally, Vastu Shastra for house works on the concept of Maana. This sets the proportional connection within any construction building. But on the other hand, Aayadi helps determine the supreme conditions for optimal results, like blessing the folks residing there with peace, prosperity, happiness, and well-being.

History reveals that the Vastu Shastra application at home was restricted to temples only. However, these days, people have widened their horizons. They incorporate Vastu in their homes for building every room. Be it the bedroom, living room, guest room, kitchen, or store room, Vastu tips for home help people achieve success and better opportunities in life. Where people live is known as Manushalaya, which means Human Temple. Thus, as per Vastu Shastra, using such tips is vital to improving our lives.

Why is Vastu for the house important?

People possess a close connection with their homes. Thus, our prime duty is to keep it away from evil vibes, negativity, and other wrong happenings. Vastu for the house is also necessary to welcome warmth, sereneness, and a calm environment among the family members. Moreover, those who visit your home also sense the same if the house is constructed well with the implementation of Vastu Shastra tips. On the other hand, if the ill vibes or negative energies degrade your home's positivity, it becomes hard to live in that particular space. Thus, it might make you stressed and attract wrongdoings and unpleasantness in the family.

Also, if people follow the right kind of Vastu Shastra tips for home, family members shall even attract an abundance of all the great things along with wealth and happiness. Vastu Shastra for the house includes positioning the doors and windows, ceiling type, auspicious colours, etc. Therefore, depending on the astrological data of the person and other important factors, you can incorporate Vastu more calculatedly to seek maximum benefits from the same.

The general direction for different rooms

Different directions, as per Vastu Shastra, are ruled by different rulers. For example, the East direction is ruled by Indra Deva. The West direction by Varuna Deva, the North by the Kubera, and the South by Yam Deva. Depending on the same, some general directions are specified for different house rooms.

Bathroom: East direction

Dining Room: West direction

Bedroom: South direction

Kitchen: Southeast direction

General guidelines for the house as per Vastu Shastra

The generic form of houses usually incorporates the open courtyard format. However, these days people also include the Western model of construction. It gives people the pleasure of a spiritual and cosmic ambience and helps them connect with materialism like wealth, abundance, and prosperity, along with a shrine-like environment. For people with a family, Vastu's science suggests a square-built house of 9x9 grid squares. But, for scientists, yogis, and artists, the Vastu suggested dimensions are 8x8=64 grid squares grid.

Moreover, according to Vastu Shastra, the central space must be 3x3=9 grid squares. This main space is what we call the Brahmasthanam (Sanskrit). Because the Brahma Sthana is considered the nuclear field of energy. Therefore, it must be kept empty, clean, and open.

Moreover, it should closely connect with the outer space or Akash element.

As per Vastu for the house, one must also remember not to use the central area for living or settling. So be it any religious event, cultural function, rituals, or ceremonies, you must not perform any in that space.

Similarly, you can perform multiple activities to avoid any Vastu Dosh. Let us see some of them:

  • You must avoid using dull shades in the house. Also, you can decorate your space with Vastu-specific products to attract abundance and avoid hurdles.
  • Depending on the individual's horoscope, you must look for proper space for the temple. Be it in construction form or getting a well-built one, a shrine should be placed well, and the area must be clean and pure.
  • Appliance placement must be well-defined. You must avoid keeping them in your bedroom as it might lead to family tensions and fights between the couple.
  • Also, you must avoid keeping stop clocks as it attracts negativity. With that, you should also eliminate cob and spider webs as it leads to deterioration of the health of members living in that house.

Just like these, there are many such Vastu tips for home which you must know and incorporate into your living space to attract good times and desired energies and results optimistically.

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